Nintendo’s New Game ‘Great Detective Pikachu’ Trademarked

The big gaming company’s Nintendo and Game Freak filed in Japan reveals potential title of upcoming Pokemon game. Nintendo’s new Pokemon game could be “Great Detective Pikachu” if a new trademark filed in Japan is any indication. All About Pokemon Figure (via NintendoLife) dug up the trademark, which was originally filed by Nintendo and Game Freak on October 11.

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BobBelcher1590d ago

Great Detective Pikachu...
Yet another high 'milking' point for Nintendo.

MightyNoX1590d ago

Where are you
We've got some work to do

Hey, it works!

muttsurini1590d ago

Typical nintendo always playing safe, hey nintendo when will you make a new fcking ip, your not even taking risk like other companies, that's why i hate you.

AWBrawler1588d ago

you're one person lol. i doubt they care why one person hates them.

-Foxtrot1590d ago

I don't think Basil the Great Mouse detective is going to be very fond of another mouse moving in on his turf

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