PS4: 'It feels like Sony are back on form,' says former SCEE Senior Producer

Ex-Sony employee talks about his excitement about the upcoming PS4 launch.

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ElementX1412d ago

What awful grammar! "Ex" sounds so unprofessional. It should say "former".

GarrusVakarian1412d ago

I agree with the title, there's a whiff of the PS2 glory days in the air.


i want to see sony successful this gen. im not biased and im switching to sony this gen with simple logic. and im glad theyre charging for psn this gen because the company does need to turn a profit. it benefits me to pay them. and its good bang for your buck ya know

xReDeMpTiOnx1412d ago

I'm guessing you and your "former" didn't get along so well


ElementX1412d ago

I would've commented in the report section however it was also stated that way in the article. It looks much better

360ICE1412d ago

Did PSU just change their a mistake because of N4G? You did something today, N4G. Something that went all the way to the real world.

jonnyvito1407d ago

We did change because of that comment. He was right. Hands-up. We always read the comments and take on board feedback to improve.

MadMen1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

SONY is back to the PS1 roots, and thats a good thing.

Enate1412d ago

I hope so because if that is the case I shall enjoy the rpg onslaught they will rain on me. An hopefully they get the DLNA and MP3 thing worked out an will be golden.

Killjoy30001412d ago

They're far and beyond the PS1 roots, I would say.

iceman13461412d ago

yep the golden age of the ps2 is back

Mikelarry1412d ago

@ the person going around disagreeing with all the comments about sony being back on form, are you against sony finding its way back to what it once was?? or you are just hating. i am glad Sony is back on form hopefully this means another 7 years of great gaming.

360ICE1412d ago

Maybe he's just disagreeing? I mean, seeing how he's disagreeing.

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