PS Vita JRPG Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Gets New Screenshots and Details

Namco Bandai just released a new batch of details and screenshots on the upcoming PS Vita exclusive JRPG Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, that will hit the Japanese shelves next year.

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farhad2k81235d ago

Will this ever hit the West? Looks like a good game!

Abriael1235d ago

The previous title didn't, but that one was on PSP when the PSP was already considered dead in the west by publishers, so who knows.

3-4-51235d ago

would love to play this game

RedHawk021235d ago

If this doesn't come to the West, I'll either kill a bunch of people or move to Japan

ninjahunter1235d ago

At first i was like "THIS LOOKS AWESOME" Then I got to the screenshots that actually showed gameplay.

thehobbyist1235d ago

Why does the gameplay look like Valhalla Knights?