Call of Duty: Ghosts Video Review | IGN

Does the first next-gen Call of Duty live up to expectations?

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sigfredod1658d ago

Lol when they finally make bigger maps reduce the players count, (current gen)

Oschino19071658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Shows focus towards next gen which is a good thing imo. Hoping they have/add more modes to complement the size. They could return Face Off mode and section the off maps so 9v9 is doable on all maps.

Imagine when they decide to leave this gen behind altogether. Imo though that won't be till the next IW game (which I tend to prefer). Treyarch will prob have to do a cross gen version as well for their next but maybe it will be like COD 3 and vastly different on each gen.

bujasem_891658d ago

looks solid... definitely gonna get it on the ps4, would just like to look into this stuttering\FPS drop thing.

Simco8761658d ago

So I suppose current gen and next gen can't play with each other? That's going to hurt the player count across all platforms

Oschino19071658d ago

You can cross buy and stats carry back and forth.

Simco8761658d ago

Awww the beauty of cloud user databases!