Looky! It's a Ninja Gaiden II Xbox 360

"The ever watchful folks over at 360Sync recently spotted a new Ninja Gaiden II standee at their local GameStop. At first glance it appears to be nothing more than your typical standee, but look closer and you can see glory. Yes, that is a Ninja Gaiden II Xbox 360" writes

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cloud360-7th_account3804d ago

ninja gaiden look gppd. but am not into games like god of war. but for osme reason i think i will like ninja gaiden. i dont know why. maybe becuase i liek ninja

-R. Sole

heyheyhey3804d ago

RROD would actually look cool on that sexy beast

it sounds like a NG2 bundle is on the horizon, and that is very tempting to me

3804d ago
hey hey hey3804d ago

wow this is why im getting a 360 with gta 4 on the 29th currently own a ps3 but i am bit bored of it its ok but but after playing my m8s 360 i am sold i am going to get halo 3 ,bioshock,gta 4,mass effect all on the 39 muhaa im set =)

gEnKiE3804d ago

lmao...dam, I really wanted to see what n4user1 had to say.... :(

sammy_mantra3804d ago

you dont own a PS3

a PS3/PS2 owner will not purchase x360 since MGS4/FF13/GT5 are all PS3 exclusive

Sez 3804d ago

have you ever thought that maybe just maybe some people don't care for those games as you do and my want to more to play.

Kulupoo3804d ago

lol i was gonna said can this 360 use the fire spell?
creat a firestrom around it lol

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poopface13804d ago

that actually looks cool.

gEnKiE3804d ago

Ya, but how long would it last? JK JK. Looks pretty neato, better than that ugly white thats for sure.

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