11 Digital Entertainment Apps on PS4 at Launch

Phil Rosenberg: We know you’ve been waiting anxiously for PS4 to finally arrive and we have exciting news to share with you today. Starting Day One, a number of your favorite digital entertainment services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video will be available with more coming soon.

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ShinnokDrako1474d ago

I guess it's for the US. What about EU?

SuperBlur1474d ago


For those looking forward to Twitter Facebook Youtube and the like , these would be considered as Social apps.

(just saying as there was some confusion in another post)

Thehyph1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Did they say anything about the social apps? I can't find anything about them.

I'm hoping the YouTube app can run with a game suspended, too.

Edit: I better not have to wait to get YouTube in Canada like I did on ps3! That was butt. My Vita could do it before my ps3 could.

SuperBlur1474d ago

i'm hoping Sony and YT/Google are working closely together to make use of the video recording / streaming feature . I love the YT app on ps3 but only because i have smartphone to make use of it, something just feels wrong when browsing it with a controller.

Thehyph1474d ago

Agreed. I use the YouTube app on ps3 everyday, but it's by no means a good app unless you remote pair it with a mobile device.

WeAreLegion1474d ago

Hoping Spotify, Pandora, and Google Play Music make it in at some point.

Lboogieskells1474d ago

Yes! Crunchy Roll on sundays is my favorite time of the week :)

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