Exclusive: The American Who Designed the PlayStation 4 and Remade Sony

TOKYO — Shuhei Yoshida still remembers the call that convinced him Sony needed to change.

It was the late spring of 2006, and Yoshida was rushing to make his deadlines for the unveiling of Sony’s next big bet on the future of home video games, the PlayStation 3. He had worked on various PlayStations for more than a decade and was now one of the execs in charge of developing games for the new console. He was a software guy. But the call came from someone on the company’s hardware team, someone who helped build the PS3 itself.

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shivvy241444d ago

Cerny Computer Entertainment

mewhy321444d ago

Sony def made the right decision in getting Cerny to oversee the project.

frostypants1444d ago

What the guy did really is bone-headedly brilliant: he actually listened to the people making games. What is impressive is he somehow succeeded in getting his vision through the bureaucratic hell that is the modern corporation without it getting compromised all to sh**.

Donnywholovedbowling1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Right he made so many great decisions, like choosing SATA II over SATA III, that was brilliant. ... Oh and then no audio disc support, DLNA or .MP3 support... Wow, just pure genius for sure.

Yes listen to the devs and build your console aroud what they would like, only one problem though....unless those devs were going to buy millions and millions of PS4's, Sony shouldve asked what their customers wanted instead of stripping their console of nearly all its media playback features in order to force their subscription based services on all of us.

Maybe next time theyll actually ask what theyre customers want in their console instead of deciding it for us and then dropping the bomb on us two weeks before launch.

mistertwoturbo1444d ago

Sony really needed it, and so far it is paying good dividends for them in terms of positive PR, consumer interest and support, and developer relations.

Destrania1444d ago

Glad Sony has Cerny. PS4 is poised for Greatness.

chrissx1444d ago

Cerny is a legend in the playstation and video game universe. And rightly deserved

shivvy241444d ago

Sonic , Crash , Spyro, Jak, Ratchet, Resistance, Uncharted ! his pretty much made all my favourite franchises !

WeAreLegion1444d ago

They don't take kindly to that in these parts. :/

ger23961444d ago

Lol at the disagrees.Its all in jest, relax.

The Killer1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

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man, i dont wish to live there even if i was paid gold.

i wanna live in peace without someone spying on me changing underwear because of hacking my cam or mobile!

Conzul1444d ago

But have you not heard? WE SPY ON EVERYONE NOW...

ger23961444d ago

Yea I don't to live there either, I thank God I live in the US.

WeAreLegion1444d ago

If it turns out we don't like that crap, we can just make them stop doing it. How do you fix that stuff in your country?

ssj271444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

All you listed in done in most part of the world already.
by you having access to the internet I can tell you are also been spy, you got to be in a area that is free of wifi phone etc and even then they have bugs looking a like that are spying on those areas..

Plus that will disconnect you from reaching millions of people and waking them up by telling them the true, like avoid vaccines, eat healthy and clean your system, etc etc.

The Killer1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

whats even more sad is to see (clever...NOT) people support or justify the spying of NSA! thats just depressing to see people reaching this level of intelligence all for the sake of backing their government or for being nationalist.

in my country, they probably do spy on us, but no one think they are clean or care about their people, they are corrupt, oppressors, and getting support from USA.

man, USA just cant let the world live in peace, they have to put their noses in every country.

NeoTribe1444d ago

Please shut up. Its bad enough people on this site act like they understand video game development and tech. Now you have a list of replies from peole acting like they know wwhat's going on in the world. Keep polotics out off n4g. Religion also.

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