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Exclusive: The American Who Designed the PlayStation 4 and Remade Sony

TOKYO — Shuhei Yoshida still remembers the call that convinced him Sony needed to change.

It was the late spring of 2006, and Yoshida was rushing to make his deadlines for the unveiling of Sony’s next big bet on the future of home video games, the PlayStation 3. He had worked on various PlayStations for more than a decade and was now one of the execs in charge of developing games for the new console. He was a software guy. But the call came from someone on the company’s hardware team, someone who helped build the PS3 itself. (Industry, Mark Cerny, PS4)

SonyNGP  +   509d ago
In Cerny we trust.
shivvy24  +   509d ago
Cerny Computer Entertainment
mewhy32  +   509d ago
Sony def made the right decision in getting Cerny to oversee the project.
frostypants  +   509d ago
What the guy did really is bone-headedly brilliant: he actually listened to the people making games. What is impressive is he somehow succeeded in getting his vision through the bureaucratic hell that is the modern corporation without it getting compromised all to sh**.
Right he made so many great decisions, like choosing SATA II over SATA III, that was brilliant. ... Oh and then no audio disc support, DLNA or .MP3 support... Wow, just pure genius for sure.

Yes listen to the devs and build your console aroud what they would like, only one problem though....unless those devs were going to buy millions and millions of PS4's, Sony shouldve asked what their customers wanted instead of stripping their console of nearly all its media playback features in order to force their subscription based services on all of us.

Maybe next time theyll actually ask what theyre customers want in their console instead of deciding it for us and then dropping the bomb on us two weeks before launch.
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SmokexFFx  +   509d ago
GabeN who?
mistertwoturbo  +   509d ago
Sony really needed it, and so far it is paying good dividends for them in terms of positive PR, consumer interest and support, and developer relations.
Destrania  +   509d ago
Glad Sony has Cerny. PS4 is poised for Greatness.
chrissx  +   509d ago
Cerny is a legend in the playstation and video game universe. And rightly deserved
shivvy24  +   509d ago
Sonic , Crash , Spyro, Jak, Ratchet, Resistance, Uncharted ! his pretty much made all my favourite franchises !
ger2396  +   509d ago
WeAreLegion  +   509d ago
They don't take kindly to that in these parts. :/
ger2396  +   509d ago
Lol at the disagrees.Its all in jest, relax.
The Killer  +   509d ago
terrorist, spying, and police state

man, i dont wish to live there even if i was paid gold.

i wanna live in peace without someone spying on me changing underwear because of hacking my cam or mobile!
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Conzul  +   509d ago
But have you not heard? WE SPY ON EVERYONE NOW...
ger2396  +   509d ago
Yea I don't to live there either, I thank God I live in the US.
WeAreLegion  +   509d ago
If it turns out we don't like that crap, we can just make them stop doing it. How do you fix that stuff in your country?
ssj27  +   509d ago
All you listed in done in most part of the world already.
by you having access to the internet I can tell you are also been spy, you got to be in a area that is free of wifi phone etc and even then they have bugs looking a like that are spying on those areas..

Plus that will disconnect you from reaching millions of people and waking them up by telling them the true, like avoid vaccines, eat healthy and clean your system, etc etc.
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The Killer  +   509d ago
whats even more sad is to see (clever...NOT) people support or justify the spying of NSA! thats just depressing to see people reaching this level of intelligence all for the sake of backing their government or for being nationalist.

in my country, they probably do spy on us, but no one think they are clean or care about their people, they are corrupt, oppressors, and getting support from USA.

man, USA just cant let the world live in peace, they have to put their noses in every country.
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NeoTribe  +   508d ago
Please shut up. Its bad enough people on this site act like they understand video game development and tech. Now you have a list of replies from peole acting like they know wwhat's going on in the world. Keep polotics out off n4g. Religion also.
obliteratorx1  +   509d ago
Thank you so much cerny for making the most powerful console ever conceived instead of giving us 720p toaster.
Death  +   509d ago
Cerny's first hardware outing isn't exactly a success. Don't get me wrong, I really think my Vita is a cool piece of hardware, but not many share my opinion. The amount of support Sony has given the Vita is nothing short of disappointing. Surely the PS4 will get more support and do better, but Cerny doesn't have a good track record this far.

As for his "greatness", he is a very talented producer, but Knack is his first game he created. We have yet to see how he does on that side of game development.
MightyNoX  +   509d ago
First game he created?? LOL no...

Thanks I needed the laugh.
moparful99  +   509d ago
@Death "but Knack is his first game he created. We have yet to see how he does on that side of game development."

Please tell me you are joking? Cerny's first game was marble madness way back in the 80' he's also worked on Sonic the hedgehog 2, crash bandicoot, ratchet and clank, the first uncharted, hell even resistance! Cerny is one of the most experienced programmers in the business today.. Your dismissal of him is insulting and shows how little you really know..

While I'm at it, just because the Vita is struggling from a sales perspective says very very little about its technical prowess.. Most experts agree its the most impressive handheld ever produced. But demand isnt there thanks to lack of killer apps and the dominance of cheap smart phone games.. Period.

You sure are a cynical individual.
MightyNoX  +   509d ago
Aww, why did you have to do that? I was patiently waiting for his reply then I was gonna post Mark Cerny' entire portfolio and laugh at how it took me all two seconds to find it.
moparful99  +   509d ago
Lol sorry Mighty I didn't know you were setting a trap.. I was just appalled at how naive his comment was and felt compelled to put him on blast..
Death  +   509d ago
Big differance between creating a game and producing one. By all means look at his portfolio and shoot me a list of IP's he created. You got me on Marble Madness though. That looks like it is his baby. Mark has been associated with many big name games, but he was not necessarily the creative force behind them. He was a producer, consultant, designer, etc. Crash, Spyro, Jaks, Ratchet, etc are all created by someone else. Mark was part of the team.

As for the Vita, it is an impressive piece of hardware. I understand third parties not supporting it since Sony and the 17 studios they own don't either. Unless that is you consider the ports they bring to the platform as support. I hope you aren't telling me Sony doesn't support their platform since it has no killer apps and less than stellar sales.
WeAreLegion  +   509d ago
The Vita isn't selling well. However, it is the best portable gaming system ever made. The success of the platform has nothing to do with its design in this situation. Everyone LOVES the design.
frostypants  +   509d ago
WHAT? The guy's game portfolio is insane. He could tell John Carmack to go get his shine-box. As for the Vita, the handheld gaming market is a mess in general. That's not on him.
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callahan09  +   509d ago
If the Vita is a cool piece of hardware and is technologically sound and feature-rich, which it absolutely is, especially in conjunction with a PS4 and the features the two gain when used together, then his involvement was absolutely a success. He is not in charge of software development/publication direction for the consoles, he designed the *machines*. If you don't think the Vita is getting the software support it requires, blame Sony and the directors of their software/publication divisions, not Cerny, the designer of the hardware.

As far as his credentials as a game creator... he couldn't have a more sterling record. He is an Academy of Interactive Arts & Science Hall of Fame member. The only other individuals he shares that distinction and honor with are:

Shigeru Miyamoto
Sid Meier
Hironobu Sakaguchi
John Carmack
Will Wright
Yu Suzuki
Peter Molyneux
Trip Hawkins (Founder of EA)
Richard Garriott
Dani Bunten (Creator of one of the most revolutionary & influential multiplayer concepts in gaming history)
Michael Morhaime (Founder of Blizzard)
Bruce Shelley (A former colleague & competitor of Sid Meier who also helped shaped the strategy game genre)
Ray Muzyka & Greg Zeschuk Ffounders of BioWare)
Tim Sweeney (Founder of Epic Games)
and Gabe Newell (Founder of Valve)

If that isn't some absolutely spectacular company to be involved with, then I don't know what is. Not even Alexey Pajitnov (Tetris), Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney (Creators of Atari and Pong), Ralph Baer (Creator of the Odyssey), Steve Russell (Creator of Space War), Masayuki Uemura (Nintendo head of R&D responsible for creating the NES and the Light Gun), Gunpei Yokoi (Creator of the GameBoy), etc. are in the Hall of Fame yet.

As far as Cerny's individual designer of games goes, he was the creator/designer/programmer of Marble Madness, when he was a teenager! (And the programming tech that went into was quite revolutionary).

He also designed Disruptor (Insomniac's first game), Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot 2 & 3, he was a programmer on Jak & Daxter and was a programmer & designer for Jak 2, he designed Ratchet & Clank 1 & 2. He was part of the design consultant team for the first Resistance, Uncharted, the first PS3 Ratchet game, God of War 3, and Killzone 3.

His title of "Director" on Knack is his first credit as "Director", technically speaking, but his role as lead designer on many PS2 and PS3 games was extremely important to the direction those games went, and he was the creator, designer, and programmer for many games throughout his career that he spearheaded and often-times made nearly entirely on his own, such as Marble Madness.

EDIT: As for your quote: "Mark has been associated with many big name games, but he was not necessarily the creative force behind them." That couldn't be farther from the truth. What do you think an executive producer and a designer does?

The Wired article that this N4G comment section is about even says directly:

"In the early ’80s, at the age of 17, he went to work for Atari Games, making his name with the arcade classic Marble Madness, and he later made big waves in the console universe overseeing the development of PlayStation games such as Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon."

Had you read the article, you would have immediately known that Knack is not the first game he has overseen.
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Death  +   509d ago
Never said Knack was the first game he has overseen. I said he hasn't created an intellectual property. Sonic 2 was his first big name game. Crash 2 and 3, Jaks 2, Crash 2, etc. He has made sequels to existing IP's.

Sonic- created by Yuji Naka
Crash- created by Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin
Spyro- created by Craig Stitt and Alex Hastings
Ratchet- created by Brian Hastings
BABY-JEDI  +   509d ago
They way things are developing between the PS4 & Xbox1. This guy is going to end up being the next American president LoL.
Ok. Well,... apart from Knack of course.
first1NFANTRY  +   509d ago
If I where ever to run a hardware company, this is the person I would put in charge. His intellectual level and experience is second to none.

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Tiqila  +   509d ago
lol title
MadMen  +   509d ago
A very talented and well spoken human being.

He took SONY back to the PS1 Roots of being dev friendly and the cool kid on the block without being cocky.
Scrumptious  +   509d ago
Interesting read. Did not know he pioneered the modern form of playtesting. Also did not know the cultural influence of the way studios work was so significant. I do appreciate Sony taking a global approach lately and it shows with the products and software being released.
DEEBO  +   509d ago
Why the hate for mark?
I don't know him personally but from what i keep hearing is that he's a smart.nice guy that should have more fame then most of these dickhead game developers that we have now.
GirlOnFire  +   509d ago
Cerney has a long gaming history and he help create the PS Vita/PS4 just amazing guy. Is he single? ;)
shivvy24  +   509d ago
his married , i think i read somewhere his wife is japanese
GirlOnFire  +   509d ago
He's good with his hands I bet he's taken. Japanese lady is lucky.
medman  +   509d ago
Sony is doing many things right. Microsoft is doing most things wrong. The end.
WorldGamer  +   509d ago
My reaction to this man's work....
Sleepless  +   509d ago
I don't think Knack is the kind of game PS4 needed for launch....but then again...In Cerny you trust
KingKevo  +   508d ago
Well, it's a fun looking game to be quite fair, but it does not really appeal to me, even though I think it would still be fun to play.

However, Cerny has a really good point when he describess why PS4 needed a game like Knack: http://youtu.be/HsbivGaJbNQ...
Sleepless  +   508d ago
It must be fun, but I won't buy it, it doesnt appeal to me either...and it will sell like Kameo (Rare) in xbox 360.....they should have spend their time making a new littlebigplanet or something like that, it would have appeal to a hell of a lot more people. IMHO
KingKevo  +   508d ago
Really really really good article. Totally worth reading. If you watched some of Cerny's speeches some parts sound very familiar, but this is a great article that shows what the PS4 is about and how he and other guys at Sony are involved in the PS4 project.

The new attitude that Sony got from what happened with PS3 is just amazing. They way they did handle every aspect of the PS4 sounds pretty amazing and even thought there are smaler things that have to be optimized (recording games using an external device, Bluetooth support of headsets, etc.) it's nothing too bad and can be sorted out eventually. PS4 is just a great piece of hardware and that's what you need to get great software, so I'm looking forward so seeing what 3rd parties can do with it, and even more so what 1st party studios will be able to achieve.

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