Eurogamer - Preview Zoo Tycoon “We had a goal - to make the prettiest animals in gaming”

EG:Do you remember that moment around eight years ago when you'd realised the next-generation had arrived? Perhaps it was peeking out the side-window of a Ferrari Enzo in Project Gotham Racing 3 and seeing the city pass by in a slick blur of motion. Maybe you had to wait a little longer to see the rain streaming down Marcus Fenix's impossible shoulders before he slammed them into a hunk of black concrete.

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tigertom531624d ago

My kids are really excited to play this as well as me...

310dodo1624d ago

To be honest this is the X1 game I really want on my PS4 lol.

I love Tyccon games, and this looks like a blast

Thehyph1624d ago

If it were on PS4, then I'd buy it.

310dodo1624d ago

Id buy it so fast, Tycoon games are so deep its incredible.

MrCastle1624d ago

People seem to think its gonna be a stinker because its only a limited time Walmart exclusive or direct DL. I really hope not. This game looks really interesting!

Zichu1624d ago

Really looking forward to this game. Zoo Tycoon was near enough the only game I played as a kid. Played the expansion as well, which was awesome.

I played a bit of Zoo Tycoon 2, it was good, but not as good as the first one.

MrCastle1624d ago

They need Jurassic Park Dlc for this game!

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