Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag Opening Sales 60 Percent Down On Assassin’s Creed III In The UK

Dixons said that “GTAV has completely blown everything away.” Sales went downward of every games other than GTAV. As we all know GTAV is the best game and it blown all other big games in the industry. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag sales went down 60 percent than the last year’s release Assassin’s Creed III in the UK. Just like that sales of Battlefield 4 also gone down to 69 percent when we compared it with 2011′s Battlefield 3.

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dieforgame1657d ago

Just because GTAV is awesome! :)

vishmarx1657d ago

or simply people are waiting for the next-gen version?
its one of the few decent launch games

beepbopadoobop1657d ago

I know im certainly waiting for the next gen version =)

vishmarx1657d ago

im gonna be upgrading.
$10 is hardly anything

Adexus1657d ago

It'll be releasing on another 4 platforms in a couple of weeks, sales should go up a bit then.

TopDudeMan1657d ago

That's how I see it. That 60-70 percent of people are holding out for the PS4/XBOne versions

moparful991657d ago

Agreed. I know that I am. I have AC4:BF pre ordered for my PS4 and have been fighting the urge to get it on my PS3..

Fishy Fingers1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

They didn't have next gen consoles releasing 3 weeks later last year. But still, BF4 didn't have the hype BF3 did and I think a lot of people are burnt out on AC.

lsujester1657d ago

While I'm getting Black Flag because I loved the ship battle stuff from AC3, I totally agree about the burning out. This is a series that really doesn't need to be an every year release. It's just not different enough to me to warrant a yearly purchase.

Depending on how Watch Dogs turns out, maybe they should consider alternating the years on those releases or something. I don't know.

GribbleGrunger1657d ago

Couldn't it be because a lot of consumers are waiting to buy it on the next gen consoles?

JackISbacK1657d ago

yeah next gen is also a reason but the hype ac 3 was able to made was not that strong with this game ,yeah it is an very popular game and deserves a way better place then ac3 and yeah it is one of the best ac game ever created ,best story ,best gameplay and best graphics ,yeah we will see a big tide of sales when game will release on next gen but past dissapointment and gta 5 can be alittle bit of reason for this game ,but this game is also agood competition for gta 5 and tlou ,it is one of the most amazing sanbox every created,and it deserves better place but from some experts say that it can be the 3rd most selling game of the year after cod and gta 5,and i think those people can be pretty right.

Seafort1657d ago

Yup will be buying the PC version which doesn't launch till 22nd November so another 2 weeks wait.

I'm used to it though as Ubisoft always launch the PC version last.

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