1080p on Xbox One: why "Resolutiongate" isn't a problem

"Damage control". "MS spin". "Journolol". Just a few of the exhilarating terms and phrases you may read in the comments thread below this article, providing the posters in question don't expose themselves to the wrath of our Justice League-esque moderator team by adding a string of swearwords. In February I wrote with hopefully unmissable irony about the dawn of another "Console War", and it's both gratifying and depressing to see that things are panning out much as predicted. [OXM]

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NatureOfLogic1495d ago

I give up. It's useless. Enjoy your 720p 30fps next gen experience with Xbone.

dirigiblebill1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

"Kinect Sports Rivals, Need for Speed: Rivals, Fantasia: Music Evolved, NBA 2K14 and Forza Motorsport 5, the last two of which run at the much-coveted 60 frames a second"

kiz26941495d ago

there mostly sports/driving games, many of which are very little hardware intensive. stop being in denial.

Hatsune-Miku1495d ago

First exclusive titles doesnt matter and now hardware power doesnt matter, but now exclusive titles matters again because xbox will have more at launch. Its already a given tha5 ps4 will dominate when it comes to high volume of exclusive titles so soon exclusives won't matter again

dirigiblebill1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

"there mostly sports/driving games, many of which are very little hardware intensive. stop being in denial."

Yeah, because the only real games are first-person shooters. And as for "non hardware intensive" - have you ever developed a competitive gesture-controlled racer that supports 1080p and real-time water physics?

mistertwoturbo1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

^Actually it's the truth, racing games just aren't that demanding. Have you seen Dirt3 on the PC? Has tons of effects, super sharp textures, and looks f'in amazing. But only takes a $140 graphics card to make it run locked 1080p/60fps/4xMSAA.

dirigiblebill1495d ago


One game =/= other games.

Boody-Bandit1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Resolutions and frame rates don't matter yet PC gamers will spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars just to get the most out of their gaming experience.

I was big into PC gaming in the late 90's into the mid 2000's. I would drop 1K on dual Voodoo cards (man those things use to be the size of small tablets) just to get higher resolutions and frame rates. I remember bench testing the original Quake and challenging my friends to achieve the insane number of frame rates I was getting. We would all spend a small fortune trying to out do one another's frame rates. Yeah I know it sounds silly but that's what some PC gamers do.

I moved to the consoles mainstream when XBL hit the original XBOX and didn't look back. Now I prefer the plug and play ability of consoles. Resolution and frames rates STILL matter to me and most of the gamers I know.

Down playing it wont make it go away. I'm sure there are some out there that honestly don't care much about graphic fidelity and just want good gaming experiences. But my question to those people is why not have both? Graphic fidelity with great gameplay will only enhance your gaming experience.

Eonjay1495d ago

Its a problem because its more expensive.

Baka-akaB1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

""there mostly sports/driving games, many of which are very little hardware intensive. stop being in denial."

That's ridiculous right there . Driving car are quite intensive .

I agree however that including party kinect games are as much as a stretch and desperate than any exclusive list trying to force the inclusion of the weakest f2p games on the ps4 side .

"Oh but i have that party kinect game running at 1080p !!!" and " I have that f2p browser game on ps4" are both very depressing and desparate .

mistertwoturbo1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

^Umm... Pretty much common knowledge at this point racing games are very easy on the hardware. Even GT6 managed to hit 1440x1080 on the PS3 given the way it looks and on that 8 year old hardware. It's both talent on Polyphony and the fact that racing games just aren't as resource intensive compared to something like an FPS or open world game.

Pogmathoin1495d ago Show
Ritsujun1495d ago

More Xbone180's are coming. =D

Baka-akaB1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )


Uh ? GT6's achievement are by one of the world's top studios and from an exclusive game , after at least two previous go with the same engine. it obviously aint common and easy at all .

I smell the same "common knowledge" BS all the time from people acting as if Fighting games were easy to develop "because duh it's only two people on screen" . Dear god ...

mistertwoturbo1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

I never said anything about ease of development, I'm saying the use of the hardware isn't as resource intensive as other games. So don't take my words out of context.

The fact is that you can benchmark any racing game on the PC and with relatively modest hardware you can max it out.

You simply cannot do the same for other games. That's all I'm saying.

tontontam01495d ago

If resolution is not a problem
then why did the devs of kinect sports rivals, wasted their time to make the game 1080p?

Redempteur1495d ago

GT6 is ressource intensive , polyphony are just hiding it quite well.
Their physic and driving model they are using is very complex and ressource heavy.
Ressources are not just graphical ressources you have to consider what's "under the hood"

NOt to mention the lightning model polyphony uses... a good chunck of GT6 tracks change time and weather showing again how great their dynamic lightning is.

And let me tell you dynamic lightning is NOT something that doesn't require lot of ressources , especially if you wish to keep 60fps.

svoulis1495d ago

I don't recall anyone confirming NFS Rivals, or NBA 2K14 being 1080p on Xbox One, or even Assassins Creed or Watch Dogs.

We've been seeing footage of all those games soley on the PS3. Does that not worry you Dirigiblebill?

Baka-akaB1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )


There is more than enought to limit graphically racing cars and be ressources intensive with physics alone.

"The fact is that you can benchmark any racing game on the PC and with relatively modest hardware you can max it out. "

Not really . you leave out the part about racing being less popular as a genre . Many studios left it and pretty much anything left on pc are multiplatform games and onlya few "serious" stuff like project Cars , for now .
Project Cars isnt exactly maxed out on any run of the mill config .

It isnt at all about it being "figured out" and "mastered" , its about the genre being left out for the most part ,a nd represented by stuff like need for speed now .

Hell need for speed , in its own case , shift ressources in its open world

dirigiblebill1495d ago


Can't speak about AC4's resolution, but I've played it on Xbox One and PS4, and I can't tell the difference.

svoulis1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )


This was also said about a lot of other games on Xbox One. Even Dead Rising 3 just days ago. I will wait and see. Just find it funny that we don't see any Xbox One videos anywhere on the internet (except for off screen recordings)

as for you trying the games and not telling the difference. I will take that with a grain of salt. Not saying you didn't try them but I doubt you played them side by side to try and compare the 2.

Even today they are showing off MORE NBA2k14, and guess what, its being shown off on PS4 again.

So until Microsoft has an explanation I don't know what to believe.

EDIT: After reading your articles.

About NFS...Yea I want to see it say "both run natively @ 1080p" because all games on XO run at 1080p (upscaled) all it said was-

"A user asked Jessica: "NFS rivals is 1080P 30fps on all nextgen consoles", and to this reply came: "This is correct, thanks!""

moparful991495d ago

@ dirigiblebill Yea because 200 cars, 14 tracks, no day/night cycles, and no weather is a next gen experience... Look it's obvious that the X1 has deficiencies on the hardware front. Developers like turn 10 and crytek are sacrificing substance of gameplay for higher visual fidelity. A true next gen console doesn't have to compromise one for the other. Just look at Killzone: shadwo fall absolutely gorgeous game running full 1080p @60fps and being lauded as a comprehensive and satisfying shooter on the PS4. A 10 hour campaign, online spectating, and nothing but praise for the game..

mewhy321495d ago

720p vs 1080p? Do the math. Unless you're playing 25ft away or you're playing on a screen smaller than 32 inches, this huge res difference MATTERS!!
No matter how you try and spin it. Less is less period. Man talk about damage control and spin doctoring! The sad part is that uninformed consumers (gamers know the difference hopefully), notice I said consumers, won't know that they're paying 100.00 more for a drastically less capable piece of kit. They'll blindly believe the spin, and pay more to get less, a lot less.

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bornsinner1495d ago

yeah give up on console gaming, pc if you want better graphics

thrust1495d ago

I will enjoy the games and the big here it comes XBOX LIVE!

hope you enjoy your slap on after thought network called PSN.

PeaSFor1495d ago

trying to convince yourself or something?

thrust1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Atleast you agree about PSN

Drekken1495d ago

Funny how reports have been stating the PSN is actually better than XBL with these new consoles.

LordMaim1495d ago

As trolling attempts go, that was pretty clumsy.

MysticStrummer1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

No one I know in real life, who has used both XBL and PSN, thinks XBL is superior for gaming. It has extra social features, not extra gaming quality. PSN is now adding many of those social features, so we'll see how it goes with PS4/XB1. XB1 is also adding things, but what I see most often on here is talk about the 300,000 servers, and those people ignore that those servers will be hosting all MS's cloud enabled software. When you think about how much software that represents, XB1 will be the smallest presence on those servers. Also, we won't know about the server quality until the console launches, because they are virtual servers and that can go either way. Hell it may be great at launch, but then degrade as more and more XB1s are sold and put more load on the system. Once again, we'll see, but this claim that XBL is clearly better than PSN doesn't hold water with anyone I know who has used both.

OT - It's not a problem for those who want a more expensive gaming console with weaker hardware that's not focused on gaming. PS4 does other things too, but it's obvious that gaming is the primary focus. Not so with XB1.

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Malphite1495d ago

I just cancelled my preorder. The only game I really wanted was Ryse but that's not worth buying a console for. After seeing how BF4 and CoD perform on the X1 I was already thinking about cancelling the preorder. But now that it's been confirmed that Dead Rising is 720p 30fps I really can't pay $500 for a console like that anymore.

I am mainly a PC gamer but I wanted to buy a console to play games on my 1080p TV. I don't want to play all the games upscaled. The only game i heard about running in 1080p native is Forza but I'm not interessted in racing games.

It kinda feels good to know I have around $600 to spend on something else now. I don't know what to spend it on just yet.

Stick891495d ago

Obviously if you want a console the PS4 will be the way to go this gen. It might not have the strongest launch lineup ever but throughout time Sony has always managed to have arguably THE best game lineups of any console each generation.

That being said if you just want to stick with PC gaming you could just throw that money at a new GTX780ti I suppose?

thrust1495d ago

Am lucky i play the game because it is fun.

i still sega bass fishing bass now and then :)

i still like pacman and ballistic too

bcrazy181495d ago

Games will be native 1080p once the devs learn the finalized hardware and aren't rushed to get games completed by a certain date. They need time to learn to complex architecture of the Xbox one.

Malphite1495d ago

@Stick89: I was thinking about putting the money in my PC but I have a GTX 680 and I don't see a reason to upgrade that yet. The rest of the hardware is fine too. Only thing I could imagine would be upgrading to 16GB RAM but I don't think that's nessessery either.

I think I'll look into some PS4 games in the upcoming days as I haven't really paid much attention to them since I had my X1 preordered. I saw BF4 on the PS4 and I have to admit that I was quite impressed by how great it looked.

@thrust: I play games for fun as well but I expect a "next gen" console to run at least a majority of games in 1080p. 1080p TVs have been around for a long time now and you have to keep in mind that the next gen consoles will be around for another 5-8 years. I don't want to play 720p games on my 1080p TV until 2020.

@bcrazy18: You could be right. You could be wrong too. It's just to much of a gamble for me to pay $500 for a console and hope that it will get there someday. If it's true I might pick one up later.

webeblazing1495d ago

I say save your money and spend some of it on pc & consoles games u have and buy consoles when its cheaper.

I truthfully don't see anything worth dying for on consoles, like everyone makes it seems. everything is the same with a fresh coat of paint on. so im going to get one or two in like 2-3 yrs. ill stick with my ps3 vita and pc.

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N311V1495d ago

It must be tough to be an Xbox fan at the moment. Sony got off to a terrible start this gen but recovered well, perhaps it'll be the same story for Microsoft next gen.

Volkama1495d ago

I'm getting an Xbox One on 22nd November, so I suppose I would fall under the "Xbox fan" description.

You'll no doubt be pleased to hear that I'm not having a tough time at all, I'm just looking forward to getting my console and playing some new games.

November is not a "tough time" for gamers, it's the best month we've had for a long time.

Minato-Namikaze1495d ago

Last couple YEARS have been great as a PlayStation fan. Have you seen all the games we been getting? Not to mention the ps3 games in the pipe. November is the 1st great month in a long time for XBOX ONLY cause games have been barren.

Maddens Raiders1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

- Now uses blu ray
- Bundled with forced camera
- Weaker specs
- More restrictions and paywalls for stuff that should be free
- and this:

I agree with you that Sony's start with the PS3 in '06 was bad, but not this bad. Not even close. The PS3 is a graphics powerhouse and introduced a new format to the world, plus free browsers, BC, swappable HDD's, [email protected] and a custom OS/...the xbone isn't doing anything like this and won't.

I'm not trying to be mean, it's just that I really doubt it will be the same story. Like never.

p1t8u111495d ago

This is such a Fanboy comment, both consoles are great and both consoles are more than capable of running most games at 1080p 60fps. i would put money on it to say that in 6 months time both are releasing games same specs etc...

yes current games are out the loop and both MS and sony have problems with Ghosts but in 6 months all devs will have had time to learn the technology in more detail and under less pressure.

Think about is MS maybe making themselves look bad but really if you want the best picture get a PC if you want a console get either they will both operate the same.

Last but not least you mentions things like swappable HDDs on PS4 maybe read a few specs.. thats actually missing, aswell as DLNA removable media and oh yes audio CD functionality

All the above would require a chunk of reserved OS to run and rather than Sony attempt this they gave up and removed the features.

MS didn't they kept it and yes over time they will find a better way to compress this meaning the OS wont be as power hungry meaning more available resource for developers.

Death1495d ago


Are you really that gullable that you trully believe the "paywall" exists? Online gaming is part of todays consoles. If all you are looking for is streaming Netflix, upgrade your TV instead of buying a game console. Smart TV's are cheap. If that is out of your budget and online games scare you, get a smart DVD player or blue-ray player. You can get a Roku for $50 if that is too much.

If you are gaming online on either new console you are paying to play. There is no additional charge on either for Netflix access if you are a subscriber.

GodGinrai1495d ago

well said death...on so many levels.

always makes me luagh when I hear people bang on about the TV/media services on XBL being behind a paywall, when they damn well know the REAL reason we pay for XBL is to play online.

All good and well watching netflix without a PSN+ sub..but but what happens when they want to play KZ/driveclub/BF4/COD etc. online?

Drekken1495d ago

Hey look it is Death the MS shill. Still trying to spread lies and come off like you are smart? Neither is working man, give up.

I am surprised MS doesn't charge for each console boot.

PsylentKiller1495d ago

The problem is that many countries don't have high speed internet. The U.S. Internet infrastructure is weak as well. That's why ISP's sometimes put data caps on their service.
So, if you don't have a good internet connection, are not in an area that has internet, or you can't afford $60 a year (I guess this one is for the kid that saved up to buy his own console) you cannot many of the features that the XB1 has.

I, for one, don't have this problem and don't see it as a problem but I can see where other people do have a problem. It seems as though people have forgotten what it was like before the internet and online gaming. My Atari, NES, and SEGA Master System didn't allow me to play online; couch co-op. Super Nintendo and Genesis had the X-Band but try gaming with a 56.k modem. Talk about lag and that god awful sound of a modem connecting.
My point is games can be played offline. And if you feel like $500 is too much for an offline console. Take a look at the prices of past generations of consoles with inflation.
The PS4 price is amazing but some of the other prices are just plain crazy and I don't think the Jaguar, 3DO, or NEO GEO were even mentioned.

Death1495d ago


If you are in one of those regions that doesn't have internet for online gaming, free access to Netflix isn't going to do much.

MysticStrummer1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Of course the paywall exists. Not everyone is interested in online gaming. The consoles sold/online account numbers bear that out. I don't know how it stands now, but there was a point in both 360's and PS3's lifespan when people were using their console more often for Netflix than they were for gaming.

You don't need gaming quality internet for Netflix, and making people pay to use something they already pay for is called a paywall.

I have relatives who live out in the country. They aren't gamers, but they have an internet connection and they have Netflix. My brothers and I have taken consoles out there and signed into our accounts. We were able to sign in but not play a game because the connection was too slow.

Death1495d ago

Gaming requires the least amount of bandwidth, but low latency. Video requires the highest bandwitch with Blu-ray quality being the highest at 40 mbps. Netflix requires 2 Mbps for SD quality and 5 Mbps for their highest quality. Typical online gaming can be under 1 Mbps as long as you have a low latency connection.

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Blackdeath_6631495d ago

i doubt it the cell was wildly different from anything else so as devs had the time games got better both consoles now however have almost identical architecture the two main differences being the weaker GPU and the memory. i'm afraid there is absolutely nothing devs can do about that, any optimisation being done is going to happen on either consoles so if there is a gap in performance now there will be a gap in performance always

Death1495d ago

The Cell was a modified PowerPC processor. The CPU in the Xbox 360 was also a modified PowerPC processor. They were much more similar than many want to believe.

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Rageanitus1495d ago

It wasn't a problem all last gen, even though many wanted it at the first 2 years of the console. Then reality clicked and the consoles just couldn't do it.

Good thing PS4 can do 1080p on a good portion of the launch titles, but the reality over time the developers will have to sacrifice resolution and FPS as games become more COMPLEX.

Same happens every gen.

mistertwoturbo1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

This generation "might" be different though. While yes it's true, every generation has shown developers hitting a cap and they start to reduce resolutions in sacrifice for effects and what not.

But this time they have tons and tons of memory available. So if anything we might see them start making more 1080p/60fps games. Only when they start hitting that RAM wall (which is going to be years and years away) will we start to see them reduce resolution.

Just a wild theory on my end of course.

SuperBlur1495d ago

Same happens every gen? It was the first generation of consoles to make use of HDMI.......

unless of course you're talking about the Ps2-xbox-gamecube ? in which case i couldn't notice much on my tube tv.

webeblazing1495d ago

actually most gamers or fanboys(most likely) said it wasn't need and even said some of the gfx effects that are present in these next gen games weren't important or you couldnt see the difference(funny how now they use pc gamers line of gotta see in person and youtube stream)

Caleb_H1495d ago

You can tell yourself whatever you want, but don't try to convince me to pay more for a console that can't produce visuals that are on par with a cheaper console.

schubacca1495d ago

No one is convincing any PS4 owner to get the X1. But it does seem that many Sony fans are intent on ridiculing those that FEEL that the X1 is the better choice FOR THEM.

Also, judging either the X1 or the PS4 by first wave games is silly.

NateCole1495d ago

Cheaper is a deceptive word. The specs for the PS4 is better than X1 for gaming at least.

The problem is MS had to force kinetic and other crap in their fight for the living against Apple and Google which is stupid and resulted in the inflated price and lesser resources for gaming.

The all in one entertainment devices bar console gaming will be mobile devices like Smartphones or tablets. Not dedicated devices that is limited to the living room. The only exception is console gaming because console gaming is supposed to be gaming in the living room for obvious reasons which is why Sony is smart to focus on this.

GodGinrai1495d ago

"The problem is MS had to force kinetic and other crap in their fight for the living against Apple and Google which is stupid and resulted in the inflated price and lesser resources for gaming."

yeah, thats another fight all together. For MS, X1 has to fight on two fronts. Apple and google both want the OS in the living room. MS cannot afford to let them do that tbh. but that is another conversation all together.

Death1495d ago

If console gaming is struggling against mobile gaming, why is Sony smart at not adapting? They are hoping 1080p native visuals will sway people over 1080p upscaled visuals? If the mobile market is content with low res graphics, how does that help? Microsoft is trying to make the gaming experience a more natural part of the living room. If you can access your audio library, tv, games, streaming media, web browser, and now blu-rays from a single device, that device will be what is always in use. You also have access to your friends in every function. This to me sounds like a better plan to keep gamers from moving away from console gaming.

NateCole1495d ago

Mobile gaming can't replace console gaming. It really is that simple. The reason why people like console gaming is its ease of use with a relax setup, big screen, great sound and great games with high production values.

You can't do all of these with mobile gaming and why there will always be a place for console gaming. The same way current console graphics will never meet current PC high end graphics. The same will always be true between console graphics and mobile gaming graphics. Mobile gaming will never have the size of console gaming screens. It will never have by default better controls as console gaming and will never be as easy to play like consoles in the living room etc etc.

"Microsoft is trying to make the gaming experience a more natural part of the living room". Sony has already done that with the PS.

What MS is really looking at is "Other" entertainment outside of console gaming like movies, music, internet etc.

The problem is these other entertainment has already moved past the living room for a while now and has diversify. What MS wants to do with the X1 is to bring all of them back an tie them all back into the living room. This is not the trend in tech.

Tech is going mobile + internet and such entertainment is following it there.

People can access their "Other" entertainment any time anywhere from their mobile devices + Cloud/Internet. People don't have to be in the living room to get their entertainment anymore like it was 10 years ago. No more scehdule of time to be in the living room. No more fighting over what to watch or play. Everyone can access their own entertainment on their screen from anywhere any time.

Caleb_H1494d ago

I for one am not "content with low res graphics".

MrCastle1495d ago

@Caleb maybe quit clicking on Xbox articles and no one else will try to convince you to get one.

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jimbobbeers1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

The thing is, the people who have got a 'problem' with it, aren't even buying an Xbox One or even had any intention of buying an Xbox One.

It's quite amusing how irritated folk are getting when it doesn't relate to their console of choice one bit.

Thegamer411495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

"The thing is, the people who have got a 'problem' with it, aren't even buying an Xbox One or even had any intention of buying an Xbox One."

You have proof of that or is it just something you guys say?

Of course there are the usual trolls, what im saying is you cant just say everyone that is complaining had no intention of getting an Xbox One. Iv even seen legit Xbox fans upset about this and moved onto PS4.

jimbobbeers1495d ago

Proof? Take a look in the majority of articles posted across N4G, check the comments, and then read how outraged people are only to admit amongst their outrage 'oh well, I'll be playing in 1080p on my PC/PS4'.

schubacca1495d ago

You are right. People get the systems for the games. I can completely understand an individuals stating that they are getting the PS4 because they love Naughty Dog games. Me? I am getting the X1 first because I want Forza 5 plain and simple. The problem is that some folks need to piss on that because Forza has "baked lighting" or "no night driving" etc....

People just need to enjoy whatever it is that they are getting...

dirigiblebill1495d ago

"People just need to enjoy whatever it is that they are getting..."


GodGinrai1495d ago

"It's quite amusing how irritated folk are getting when it doesn't relate to their console of choice one bit."

haha! So true. If I was buying the more powerful console at launch, I would pretty excited about that...instead we have PS fans being "upset" for us, about things that dont concern them..This is going to be one bizzare generation..lets just appreciate their "concern"