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REPORT:11-10-2013 GameStop Giving Reserve Customer Triple Credit Towards PS4

Omnigamer writes, "A source with GameStop has revealed to OmniGamer that on 11 10 2013, customer trading in all systems will get triple credit towards the Play Station 4 Console." (PS4)

Hard to tell
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WeAreLegion  +   699d ago
It is true.
Stick89  +   699d ago
Out of curiosity is this only for the PS4 or does it include the Xbone as well?
Dark3stShadow  +   699d ago
This is trade special pecifically for the PS4.... However I do believe that XboxOne will have theirs on the 17th.
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DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO  +   699d ago
damnit!!! i just traded my ps3 sunday. they could have fuckin told me. assholes ass mofu's


they better not have known cause im going to ask them. and they will lose my buisness cause bestbuy is right nextdoor
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us_army  +   699d ago
Is very true
Douchebag696  +   699d ago
Still a crappy company. They treat their employees like crap. I don't give them any of my business.
Stick89  +   699d ago
Yea buying from Amazon is just far too convenient to make going into Gamestop worth it. I just pre-order and its on my doorstep when I get home from work on launch day.
Douchebag696  +   699d ago
I'm still tempted to go to the console launch just to watch the spectacle. I too preordered mine but it might be amusing to watch the festivities.
TRD4L1fe  +   699d ago
I give them all of mine $$$$$$$

yay!!!!!!!! I LOVE GAMESTOP
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   699d ago
Bubble vote for you my good man!
tigner  +   699d ago
so wait...let me get this straight....triple credit

Wii U...say the Trade in Value was $100, I'll get $300 Trade In value for on a Pre Order of Playstation 4?

**edit, I already have the Pre Order made months ago
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LOGICWINS  +   699d ago
That seems to be the case. What I'd like to know is if this deal also applies to people who haven't pre-ordered yet, but want to pre-order on the 10th after trading in all their stuff.
Dark3stShadow  +   699d ago
Yes... Only if it towards the ps4
DEEBO  +   699d ago
I can confirm this being an employee for gamestop.
the x1 will have the same promotion too.

Its so much news coming out now,it took me ages just to get back to page 1 on n4g.trying to keep up with current events with the gaming world.

I had to setup the x1 yesterday at work.MS sent a nice 42 inch LG led t.v with it.
we haven't receive the ps4 yet,the funny thing is the x1 didn't bring any controllers with it so customers could try it out.

I think MS wants to have their system in the store to try and take some steam out of sony's launch but it won't work
LOGICWINS  +   699d ago
It says that the promotion is for those that have preordered a PS4 only. Cant I simply get an estimate from a GS employee of how much credit I will get if I take advantage of this deal, then pre-order a PS4 on the same day (November 10th)?

I know I won't get one at launch, don't care. But can't I be given a ticket of some sort for dibbs on the next batch?

Its seems silly to restrict this deal to customers who have already pre-ordered as GS was probably guaranteed to get their money regardless of the triple credit deal. Opening this deal up to people who havent pre-ordered would get NEW customers that werent planning on getting a PS4 in the near future to bite.
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Sci0n  +   699d ago
damn my PS4 is already paid off and I really wanted to keep my PS3 but this is a really tempting deal. I would then be able to get another PS4 controller, the camera and a few games without spending a dime.
DEEBO  +   699d ago
yeah my ps4 is paid off too and i'm not trading my wiiu or ps3 or vita.
i might do some games but target and amazon got that buy 2 get one free.
even with my discount i still will be better off with target.
DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO  +   699d ago
hey man, if you can please tell me how long ago it was known about the trade in deal cause i just traded my ps3 for 60 toward my ps4. no one said anything to me and i feel wronged in a very strong way. if you cant comment i understand.
DEEBO  +   699d ago
Don't really think about it too much man
you probably got 40% for you're systems anyway,i don't think it's going to be triple trade deal more like 30% maybe 40%.
I want see what we get for our systems too on sunday.

About the promotion going on we had a meeting at the end of oct.
I just used a 50% trade in coupon and my pro card,bam! 60% for my 360 before it RED RING on me.
how many rewards points do you have? you can still trade games on sunday and get the same % .
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DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO  +   699d ago
thnx man. everyone at my local knows me by name and is always cool to me, except the manager. he's the one who took my trade in. i hate dealin with him. everyone else there is awesome and helpful. but nah man all my stuff is gone, nothin to trade. you seem cool man thank you. i now know the manager is a bigger ass than i thought. or maybe he just doesnt care about games and hardcore game customers in general. not everyone loves their job i guess :)
WeAreLegion  +   699d ago
Triple credit wouldn't make sense. 30% would make sense, but not triple.
King2008  +   699d ago
Ok I work for my local gamestop and the promotion WE have going on is 90% extra for trade-ins. so if I trade in my ps3 that's worth lets say $75 I would get $142 toward my pre-order. This is what ours is doing.
LOGICWINS  +   699d ago
Lolol, GS is misleading customers then. Triple credit makes it seem like you would get $75 credit x 3.
Dark3stShadow  +   699d ago
Normally I would say they ripping people off...but hey if I owned gamestop I'd probably do the same thing lol... It's nothing personal just business and they do it well
King2008  +   699d ago
Triple is just incorrect language. Even 100% would be double...$50 100% of that is $100.
Biggest  +   699d ago
Wait. 100% of $50 is $50. Double credit on a $50 credit is $100.

Too many numbers. They should just list the amounts given for each level of PS3 condition.
strigoi814  +   699d ago
well i think Gamestop will also reduce the trade in credit by 50%..they are just to wise to do a triple credit to attract gamers
Yo Mama  +   699d ago
They drop their value on things before they do these promotions. Just called them and they're only offering $114 towards my 120 gb slim.
LOGICWINS  +   699d ago
WOW...not cool. I'll be keeping my PS3 then.
Sci0n  +   699d ago
if that's the case I will be keeping my PS3 lol. I live in cali now so my gamestop will be open in 5 minutes at 10:AM. I am going to call them to see wassup
miklo84  +   699d ago
No thanks. Keeping my old systems. Invested too much time and especially money to let them booty bang me for my systems. Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii in my bedroom. XBone, PS4, and Wii U in the ever evolving man cave.
jnott8  +   699d ago
Is this going to happen in Canada as well? I literally just sold my PS3 on Kijiji, and could've gotten more IF this is happening up North, and IF they give the same amount they quoted me.

Actually, i guess it doesn't matter to me now if it happens in Canada. I'm just venting. Eff you Gamestop.
Skate-AK  +   698d ago
That's dumb you have to already have a pre-order for it to count. I didn't get to pre-order in time. I would have traded in my other PS3.
Mjay75  +   696d ago
Dont belive what people say i didnt and it paid off i did not pre order ps4 but i did pre order xbox 1 long story short went to gamestop this morning nov 10 at 11:00 am 1st person there and purchased me a ps4 not pre order purchased thanks gamestop

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