GTA 4: R* talks about working with Natural Motion + Screens

Following on the heels of the information Rockstar North provided on the RAGE engine and its application to Grand Theft Auto IV, technical directors Adam Fowler and Sandy Roger and Natural Motion's CEO Torsteim Reil explain the tech behind GTA4's character motion. And of course, 1UP has more new screens to feast your eyes on while you try to wrap your head around the technical side of the anticipated late-April release.

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SUP3R3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

I am so thankful to the companies and scientists that invent these processors that are available today, without them I would not be able to experience the technical magnificence of this game.

On that note.
I feel like time slowed down today. I woke up thinking it was Friday and got all excited until I came online. I just want the weekend to get here and go away so I can focus on Monday night and all the hours of gameplay I'll be cashing in from Tuesday morning until who knows when.

poopybumbum3885d ago

gta gives me a RAGING harrrrrrd on!

yesah3885d ago

ROFL, that looks like a stripper pose.

micro_invader3885d ago

I am really impressed with naturalmotion, they've done a great job incorporating their engine in to GTA4 and I hope that more game companies out there will start using their engine in future games.

jackr393885d ago

i enjoyed reading that interview.
not that any one will care:(.

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