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Submitted by DPAD Dave 821d ago | news

Microsoft dev admits higher resolution visuals offer 'a big improvement' over 720p

Kinect Sports Rivals developer Rare has admitted that outputting at a higher native resolution than 720p offers "a big improvement" to a game's visuals. (Kinect Sports Rivals, Microsoft, Xbox One)

GarrusVakarian  +   821d ago | Well said
Of course it does, every gamer who isn't in denial knows this already. Especially when you start going into the 32 inch plus TV sizes.

1920x1080p is always going to look better than 1280x720p from whatever angle you view it from. Nice to see an X1 dev admit to this instead of downplaying it like some others are doing.
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ZodTheRipper  +   821d ago
Exactly how I wanted to start my comment when reading that title :D
It's twice the resolution, who would even dare to deny that other than rabid fanboys and MS PR guys like Phil Spencer who says that it's more about "the experience" lol.
Blackdeath_663  +   821d ago
in all fairness to phil its not his fault he has to make up bullshit to cover his companies shortcomings. at least he isn't giving false info
abzdine  +   821d ago
only fanboys will deny that. native high resolution is the way to go bottom line.
amiga-man  +   821d ago
Why does it need admitting it's just is, anyone who says otherwise are either stupid or blind.
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MRMagoo123  +   821d ago
In other news the sun is hot derp lol
Dagobert  +   821d ago
Well at the end of the day Phil Spencer is just doing his job, I'm sure deep down he knows the system will fail.

Microsoft's biggest problem was that they felt confident with how the 360 was doing and thought they could do better. Instead they failed, and had they listened to consumer feedback from the beginning they wouldn't be facing all this now.
Guwapo77  +   821d ago
@ amiga-man - They can't be both?
mewhy32  +   821d ago
Yep. There's no spinning that one. Not sure why anyone who knows anything about graphics would think that the same game running at 720p vs 1080p that 720p would be better?????? That makes as much sense as paying 100.00 more for a weaker logical at all.
badz149  +   821d ago
OMG Microsoft dev, you guys know NOTHING! resolution is NOT important! all you need is a magic upscaller, noobs! /s
darthv72  +   821d ago
i know my math is really rusty but wouldnt twice the resolution of 1280x720 be something like 2560x1440?
ZodTheRipper  +   821d ago
720p = 1280x720 = 921.600 pixel
1080p = 1920×1080 = 2.073.600 pixel

2073600/921600 = 2.25
UltimateMaster  +   821d ago
Oh oh, he might loose his job.
You can't disagree with the bosses.
MS: "SD is teh futurz!"/s
Their word, not mine...
thrust  +   821d ago
I agree if both have the same AA.

but if 1080p no AA

720p with full AA the one with full AA would look better.

on my laptop i would put the game rez down a bit so i could use AA on some games because it would look better
GarrusVakarian  +   821d ago

A full HD 1920x1080 game with no AA would still look sharper than a 1280x720p game with AA. Stop downplaying it to make yourself feel better.

"Not making my self feel better at all am still going to enjoy all my games :) "

But that's exactly what you were doing. Making things up to make yourself feel better about your purchase, i see it all the time. You blatantly haven't ever played a native 1080p game, otherwise you wouldn't have said what you just said ^^^.
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TheBigShamona  +   821d ago
Im sorry Thrust but thats just not accurate.

Any PC gamer knows that with Native 1080p on a 1080p display, you can almost get away with no AA.

Turning off the AA can sometimes be the difference between getting your Rig to run Ultra vs High settings.

(More AA is always great but most people have to compromise in some aspect with their Rigs)

Edited to fix spelling
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thrust  +   821d ago
Not making my self feel better at all am still going to enjoy all my games :)

titanfall is the one am.looking forward to the most.
DoesUs  +   821d ago
The higher the res, the less AA becomes an issue. I'd take 1080p with no AA anyday. Fortunately there are PS4 games that achieve 1080p with AA. 8)
dennett316  +   821d ago
720p being upscaled to 1080p introduces aliasing issues. You can see it in many Xbox One gameplay videos and footage.
mistertwoturbo  +   821d ago
What you need to do, is go to Fry's or something and have them demo you a game on a 1920x1080 monitor. Load up a game at native 1920x1080 and then switch it to 1280x720. You will find the 1280x720 image much much more blurrier with bigger jagged lines and pixels the size of your fist.
badz149  +   821d ago

LOL how clueles are you, actually? do you even know what AA is? and why it's needed?
Mike134nl  +   821d ago
Nice title I assume that's why the kinect game is running at 1080p.
JackISbacK  +   821d ago
yeah we all know that,it is mutiny towards fans that ms is stil quite and are not taking any steps that what should be done to maintains same fans or higher fans ,yeah we all are unhappy because at last gen atlest all around the world xbox 360 had a lead because it was an amZing console and we all loved it ,but it is realy painful to see the death of this console ,i'am realy waiting for good news and they are bringing bad news every day ,i cannot wait for the launch of both consoles so that this bullshit may stops and i can decide which console to buy first.
Blacksand1  +   821d ago
The XB1 is 720p with a 1080p up-scaled because MS tried to make it a t.v hub first and a gaming console second. My Fios is 720p reg. channels and 1080p on HD channels. When you mix the two that's what you get 720p with a up-scaled of 1080p, because of t.v part of the console.
assdan  +   821d ago
Its sad it takes a dev to say this for some people to believe it.
theBAWSE  +   821d ago
no shit sherlock
Mikelarry  +   821d ago
come on now, are these devs that arrogant that believe we take thier word for the gospel. they seem to think gamers are uneducated and will believe any crap they spew.
neocores  +   821d ago
Or your just in denial?
Mikelarry  +   821d ago
how am i in denial????, 1080p is an improvement over 720p every one knows this. these devs coming out and saying the above is like they believe gamers are unable to come to that conclusion on their own
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xxxsiegezzz  +   821d ago

I have seen so many comments that 720p and 1080p doesn't really have so big difference(some are even on this article) so I can say that every one doesn't know or wan't to belive this.
It's great that xbox dev admids instead of lying.
Septic  +   821d ago
Wtf are you on about? Read the article ffs instead of just reading the title.

"We went up to 960 and it got a bit crisper, and I remember looking at it going, 'actually, yeah, that's a big improvement."

The title is complete click bait. But you see, I know that because I clicked on the article and then the source it was referring to.

" they seem to think gamers are uneducated"

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christocolus  +   821d ago

i am not one bit surprised..i read the full interview yesterday, its alot more than that. the guy said 1080p wasnt their target, they added it cos they could...its funny how fbs break down positive articles just to find a little part where it can be spun in their favor...lmao..its really ridiculous and getting pathetic..this isnt the first time ive seen such here and its mostly on n4g in see it happening this way...anyways the full interview was quite cool and kinect sports rivals is definitly on my list...
Mikelarry  +   821d ago
@ septic i am on about the devs LATELY coming out with ridiculous notions and catch phrases about resolutions fiasco. they should not jumnp the boat and make claims about targets they cannot meet and when they fail to meet these targets they come out with excuses to try and downplay it. i did read the article if you don't like my comment that's why the disagree button is there for, no need to get in a blood rage.

Septic  +   821d ago

" i am on about the devs LATELY coming out with ridiculous notions and catch phrases about resolutions fiasco. "

Where is the ridiculous notion or catch phrase here?
imt558  +   821d ago
No shit, devs. Glad to hear.
MightyNoX   821d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
R00bot  +   821d ago
It's a sad day when Rare is known as the Kinect Sports Rivals developer, and not for some of the classics they brought us before Microsoft gobbled them up.
isa_scout  +   821d ago
Who the hell disagreed with you??? I'd much rather have Rare developing the new Killer Instinct than them developing freakin Kinect Sports Rivals, maybe then the new killer Instinct wouldn't put me off so much.
I know they said new characters would come later, but how do you announce KI and not show Cynder or have him available from the very start? BTW I hate the businuess model MS is using for the new Killer Instinct.
R00bot  +   821d ago
Maybe they thought I was bashing MS or something?

All I was saying is that Rare used to be one of the greatest devs out there, now they're designated to creating Kinect Sports games.

Well, at least they're not denying that 1080p makes a difference like lots of other Xbox One devs are.
EffectO  +   821d ago
Every game needs to run at 4K resolution.I like my pixels small.
BitbyDeath  +   821d ago
You are living in the past.
Once you go 10000000000K you never go back.
KimoNoir  +   821d ago
Until you actually play a game in REAL 1080p, you wouldnt know whether it matters or not.

Only people who have that experience are the pc gamers with a quality pc that can do 1080p in a more than playable form. Nonetheless, 1080p is a significant difference. You could hardly go back to 720p unless you had no choice.
dennett316  +   821d ago
The PS4 offers plenty of 1080p games. In fact, the only one that isn't 1080p so far is Battlefield 4. It's the Xbox One that seems to be struggling in that regard.
A few less demanding games have managed it, but other than that, 900p seems to be the upper limit for the likes of Ryse, and it's all sizzle and no steak.
The excuses made by MS I can understand....they are trying to promote a console after all. But the games media that are also making excuses and trying to downplay the tech differences are absolutely ridiculous, and should be ashamed of themselves for such blatant pandering to the PR of Microsoft. Adam Sessler is a prime absolute clown.
bcrazy18  +   821d ago
The devs need more time to learn the hardware. You'll see more Xbox One games in native 1080p in the future. The devs got the final specs late and couldn't program it the way they wanted to because of the games needing to make the launch line up. If I'm wrong I'm wrong but I'm pretty damn sure things will change dramatically.
mistertwoturbo  +   821d ago
At first this seems like a troll comment, but then as I read it again, I absolutely agree.

Back when I wasn't so tech savvy, I used to think 720p was extremely clear. Then I saw 1080p Blu-Rays and by god the difference was amazing.

And then I got into PC gaming around 2009 and experienced 1080p 60fps. That isn't to say I didn't enjoy 720p 30fps games on the PS3 and 360, but the fidelity of the PC games was unmatched. This eventually lead to me buying parts for the PC I have (i7 2600k 4.6ghz GTX680) and been playing on that for the past two years.

But that's why the launch of these two consoles is important because if they were both native 1080p/60fps all the time, it would have showed the "casuals" and everyone else the leap of fidelity that brings to gaming. It would have been the new standard going forward in which a majority of games could have been.

But sadly that's not going to happen, because to reiterate you're right, these people who say it doesn't matter probably have never experienced it, thus they say 720p is sufficient and just sheep away into justifying how it's acceptable, instead of helping push the envelope by demanding better hardware.
SpinalRemains138  +   821d ago

PS4 has many 1080p games.
KimoNoir  +   821d ago
What the fuck are you talking about? Do you even know how to read and comprehend?
MasterCornholio  +   821d ago
So I guess resolution matters now since a Microsoft developer said so
If their game wasn't in 1080P they wouldn't be making these claims.

Edit: Well its true since their game is in 1080P they make the claim that 1080P is better than 720P. If they said the opposite they would look like fools. Anyways I'm happy that they are pushing 1080P on the Xbox One.

Nexus 7 2013
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KimoNoir  +   821d ago
This is not a black and white issue. Its a multiple shades of grey issue where many factors come to play here...

1. You have no idea what 1080p is (dont say you watch 1080p youtube videos because that isnt even natively 1920x1080. 1080p is literally a significant difference.

2. Console gamers have never experienced 1080p gaming because 1080p doesnt exist natively on current gen consoles.

3. Many players dont even know what resolution is

4. Most console gamers had no idea that their consoles werent actually outputting in 1080p but instead upscaling. The games werent even natively running in 720p most of the time. (So yea... You will be surprised in the difference.)

5. Just accept that 1080p should be the standard of today. Trust me (a pc gamer that could hardly give a shit about who wins this war) i know the difference is more than 100% satisfactory... Problem is that you and 97% of the console gamers have never seen 1080p gaming (especially in 60fps)
GarrusVakarian  +   821d ago
"2. Console gamers have never experienced 1080p gaming because 1080p doesnt exist natively on current gen consoles. "

Actually, it does for a few titles. But i agree with pretty much all of your points.
dennett316  +   821d ago
1080p actually does exist on current gen....Wipeout HD on PS3 is 1080p. It's one of the few exceptions though.

And I absolutely agree, 1080p should have been the standard that MS and Sony were pushing for. Sony seem better positioned to manage it next gen, as evidenced by only Battlefield 4 being lower.
BobBelcher  +   821d ago
and we've accepted this as news?
MasterCornholio  +   821d ago
Why not? What's the matter Bob don't like the fact that Microsoft agrees with the majority of N4G that resolution matters and that 1080P is better than 720P?

Like you said Microsoft wants people to watch the grass grow in the sharpest resolution possible.

Nexus 7 2013
BobBelcher  +   821d ago
lol, well here's some more surprising news for people then:

10 is higher than 9.
isa_scout  +   821d ago
Honestly, I'm surprised Rare even remembers how to develop games at all after doing pretty much nothing but creating outfits for XBL avatars.MS really waisted Rares talent. How does Rare get stuck with a freakin Kinet game and Double Helix builds the new Killer Instinct? Tell you guys if I worked at Rare that would've really pissed me off.
GamePeace  +   821d ago
I am sure that several Microsoft games will reach the 1080p mark, but for now it does not seem to be the case,except for Ryse ecc. You want a chance, everybody wants a chance. I have decided to buy a Ps4, even if it is not only for the console alone, but more for the games the Playstation universe has to offer... beside great looking multiplattform titles. Sure a consumer wants quality products for the money he spends, let time and circumstances do the talking.
dennett316  +   821d ago
Things will get a little better for MS in the short term...but not by much. Their 32mb of eSRAM just isn't really enough to push through high quality assets fast enough. 1080p frame buffers are larger than 32mb, so workarounds need to be found, and that's where performance issues creep in leading to drops in resolution to compensate.
For all Microsoft's talk of a balanced machine, and trying to imply that the PS4 is unbalanced due to bottlenecks, it's clear that the Xbox One has it's own bottleneck holding it's slow main memory, and the eSRAM being too small to make a huge amount of difference.
marioJP87  +   821d ago
People complain about 1080P over 720P for a reason.
GamePeace  +   820d ago
For which reason? Name me the reason! The only reason is the high expectation from players with initial games (launch games), which mustn't be absolutely perfect (1080p, 60fps). Time will make the difference...
TristanPR77  +   821d ago
This is obvious, only the xbox fanboys and Microsoft PR are arguing this only to not look that inferior but deep down they all know it.
ThatEnglishDude  +   821d ago
mistertwoturbo  +   821d ago
Water is wet, fire is hot, and someone here will probably tell you water will burn you and fire will put out water.
dennett316  +   821d ago
It certainly IS breaking news for those die hard Xbox fans who are currently in a great deal of denial.
LAWSON72  +   821d ago
I have played skyrim with 2k+ textures at both 1080p and 1360x768 and there is quite the difference in detail
Clarence  +   821d ago
Finally. Now Xbox fans and Adam Sessler can stop trying to downplay this situation.
worldwidegaming  +   821d ago
Good thing about a PC is Native is always what you should put it. My monitor is 1080p and every game I play will run at that resolution.
Its still kind of sad not all games will not be running at 1080p.
Id give up some pretty things for a higher resolution.
NMEMEDIC  +   821d ago
MS failed? Hahahaha oh man this has to be the worst site in gaming. All the people bashing MS and than making up BS so called "facts". How come no one brings up the fact that Sony showed CG of Killzone back before the PS3 even came out and called it in game. Hahahaha really who gives a crap if a game is 1080P if the gameplay sucks.
GraveLord  +   821d ago
bornsinner  +   821d ago
orite looks like id buy a PC not a crapstation 4 then if i want BEST VISUALS YOU IGNORANT SONY FANBOYS
reko  +   821d ago

but youre not buying a ps4? lol
Tzuno  +   821d ago
and they call it next gen...
speed389  +   821d ago
You would have to be an idiot to think otherwise
mochachino  +   821d ago
Well given what MS has done to Rare it really has nothing more to lose.

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