Infinite Undiscovery Characters Discovered

"This week's Famitsu has revealed three new characters for Square-Enix's upcoming 360 RPG Infinite Undiscovery. No release date has been announced for Infinite Undiscovery at the moment, but its official website will open this Friday so stay tuned." writes

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cloud360-7th_account3884d ago

This game looks very good. my from Dum Gai says so. and so do i

-Chin Tu Fat

3884d ago
Lucreto3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Hope this comes to the PS3 at some point. I love JRPGs and this will do well on the PS3.

@n4user1 True but it looks less likely. I think Valkyria Chronicles will be a decider for PS3 RPGs especally in Japan and it may convince developers to go PS3. Rumors at the moment Tales of Vesperia won't appear on the 360 in Japan as they expect it not to do well.

wow4u3884d ago

The question is (in my mind) is will Star Ocean 4 be coming to Xbox 360.

Infinite Undiscovery looks great for sure, but we dont know that much as of yet, and SO4 is one of those "fan favorites". Perhaps as part of the whole SQ partnership they worked something out for SO4.

Id be equally suprised if SO4 went to Xbox 360 as IU to PS3 though, both seem unlikely.

NinjaRyu3883d ago

Microsoft owns the trademarks to this game so.................... yeah, I don't think their's gonna be a PS3 port.