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Submitted by MajorAly 751d ago | rumor

No Real Xbox One In Some Stores Due To Overheating In Display Cases?

Xbox One is just weeks away from its launch into the wild and into the arms of the gamers. Xbox 360 initially was plagued with overheating problems that led to a hardware failure popularly known as RROD or Red Ring Of Death. This hardware failure led to the design of the Xbox One to be fully vented as we saw in a dissected Xbox One; it contains a huge cooler inside of it to prevent such overheating problems. Apparently not all conditions can be tested now can they? (Microsoft, Xbox One)

Update The article has been updated with one of the store's employee clarifying the issue.

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ElementX  +   751d ago
I don't see the shell cut in half in that pic. You'd think they would take a photo before assembling the unit if it were true?
MajorAly  +   751d ago
I'm sorry I interpreted what the user said wrong, he meant that the store got the cut in half version; that is a shell not the real thing.

However there is still no solid proof of this so please take it with a grain of salt.
thrust  +   751d ago
Click bait
NewMonday  +   751d ago
I personally don't believe this but I'm interested to see how people like Marcus Bear and Keven Dent react.
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devwan  +   751d ago
They're just a cheaper version of a store demonstration unit. They appear to be an xbox one but it's just half the case with a small PC inside playing videos of xbox one games.

This story came about from a thread on GAF. The "overheating" stuff is just conjecture either on behalf of the rep or the store manager guy. Of course a games console would overheat inside a perspex coffin with no ventilation, but to me it looks like this display was never meant to house a real console (there doesn't seem to be enough room for a start). Maybe it'll house a real unit down the line or maybe it'll just get updated with newer videos, who knows?

I'm no fan of microsoft or the xbox one and have no problem drawing attention to their problems, but I really don't think this is one of those times. Now if they stick real units in there in future and they start to melt or if the videos are not a true representation of the actual games then hell yes, bring the hurt, but as it is this isn't newsworthy...
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inveni0  +   751d ago
I saw this at my local Best Buy a couple days ago. I was surprised that all they had was half a shell in front of a big TV playing a demo reel. I remain hopeful though, because the display also had a couple controller "seats" bolted to the wall. So maybe they'll get a demo unit eventually.
mewhy32  +   751d ago
well all I can say is that if you were to end up actually buying a bone that you wouldn't be putting it in an enclosed plexi-glass case while using it. Therefore even it this is true it doesn't mean anything.
BlueShirt7749  +   751d ago
This is just getting ridiculous now. Embarrassed to call myself a gamer - as should the rest of you (fanboys/trolls aside).
Heisenburger  +   751d ago
I respect your humility.
ElementX  +   751d ago
I've also seen a different display for the One. I guess maybe some stores aren't getting playable demos?
MajorAly  +   751d ago
Don't know why MS didn't went with these display cases for all the stores...
MasterCornholio  +   751d ago

Wow that case is small.

Nexus 7 2013
MajorAly  +   751d ago
Didn't go*

I'm still confused as to why we're not seeing some air-cooled type display cases from both the manufacturers.
Dehnus  +   751d ago
It's because it's a console launch and units are scarce. At most they will want to give away some promotional units but otherwise they will try to supply as many preorders as humanly possible.

For that same reason the demo units are taking some time, a faulty Demo Unit can ruin your reputation especially after the RROD thing. Look at Sony and the crap they got for a few buggy demo units. And in stores they will abuse the hardware big time, people tend to be very nasty to demo units, so there is more risk of them malfunctioning.

So rather then to keep the buggy ones as demo units at this point they both probably take that with less importance then filling the preorders with actual machines. As really Bots and Ponies will by the machines faster than they can produce them for the first few months, so no need to "sucker in" the other buyers as they won't be able to get one for a while in any case.

It's a console launch, so things are quite hectic for both companies right now. From the people writing the API's to the people doing the advertisements.. they all are doing overtime for months on end now.
thehitman  +   751d ago
Out of all the rumors this seems the really sketchy lol some no name site no real confirmation. It is just looking for hits lol. I am going to give the benefit of the doubt to MS definitely on this one. They got enough real bad things going on no need to make up fake stuff.
black0o  +   751d ago
I call this B.S
DeadRabbits  +   751d ago
I say "Plausible"
sinjonezp  +   751d ago
I say not enough info to justify truth. While plausible, this still does not warrant an article for clicks. When we see that little white light turn red in a display ( or whatever color that represents overheating) Then we can revisit the topic. I seen a ps4 case and there is no side or back cooling within the case. System worked fine but I'm sure this type of set up can lead to overheating on both platforms.
Sayai jin  +   751d ago
Every electronic device goes through environmental testing, these are usually extremes too not normal environments. I would expect that MS put the XB1 through hell and back, especially with the dreaded RROD that plagued the 360.
cityboy100  +   751d ago
100% BS
Toon_Link  +   751d ago
Idk man every time I go to target or bestbuy the 360 were busted or overheating in that plastic case, I'm sure it's not the best situation for a home console to be in anyway. I personally want all my video game consoles to strive and be great so I don't wish MS any ill will but going from their track record with (3) x360 RROD on me with tons of space not even in my entertainment furniture I wouldn't rule this out.

Either way I'm waiting a while to get a Xbox till that must have title drops. I just bought a wii u for windwaker and will get a launch ps4 cause my ps3 has been my main console for years now and my fat 60gb ps3 lasted forever with no troubles at all, but I definitely wish all gamers best of luck with their shiny new consoles (but better keep that sh!t well ventilated!!!
Kayant  +   751d ago
Well it makes sense if true afterall you know these things are electronics and need some air like us to breathe.
DeforMAKulizer  +   751d ago
Gearnuke is a very tabloid-y website.

They term their titles for hits and clicks and make comparisons using the silliest of things and report on the smallest of rumors.

But I guess it's working with them. Getting the clicks and all
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mistertwoturbo  +   751d ago
Sigh whatever, you put ANY console in a super enclosed casing and it will overheat. I'll have a heart attack if I ever see someone try to put a PC with a Radeon 290X in a casing and run it at full load.
Dehnus  +   751d ago
*Evil Grin* The NES and Master System would work fine. What is it with you people, can't you expect propperly passively cooled consoles anymore? (I know not a fair comparison considering the technology and what heat it developed :D, just am jossing a bit).
mistertwoturbo  +   751d ago

Come to think of it, I always did have my NES inside a cabinet.
GenericNameHere  +   751d ago
Oh no! Don't let the Annoyed Gamer see this news! It would definitely ruin his "reputation" if the Xbone overheats inside a non-ventilated and hot glass case, like the PS4 was stuck in a non-ventilated and hot glass case!

Especially Arthur Gies. He'll probably say that because the Xbone is releasing this winter, Microsoft is doing us a favor by having the Xbone overheat so that our homes get nice and warm and cozy during Christmas!
dansdooz  +   751d ago
jesus christ do we still need these articles re display cases? if i put my av amp in a case that small it would over heat pretty quickly! this is getting stupid now, even my sky box gives off a lot of heat and i wouldnt put that in a tight enclosure, just a bit of common sense is neede thats all.
jimbobbeers  +   751d ago
4lc4pon3  +   751d ago
The bestbuy where I'm from got an Xbox one kiosk in. The only thing is tho u can't see the entire system its cut in half and there is no controller. Its basically a tv playing Xbox one games with an Xbox one system under it in a display case but u can see only half .

I don't work for bestbuy so I'm not 100% sure if the console is real or a dummy. All I know is u can't play it at least at the moment.
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HugoDrax  +   751d ago
Yeap, saw the same unit you're describing at Best Buy on Sunday. Then yesterday I had gone to GameStop, and they have the same setup as Best Buy. Just a looping video, with no controllers.
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KNWS  +   751d ago
Neogaf, lol obviously a false rumour.
MightyNoX  +   751d ago
Like the rumors of COD: Ghosts and BF4 being 720p on the Xbox One. Yeeeeah, those turned out to be false all right. /sarcasm
KNWS  +   751d ago
BF4 is only 900 p on PS4 and your system is meant to be 50 per cent better and easier to develop for at launch.

From the videos i've seen the BF4 version on XB1 looks to have better colouring and shading.

Ya COD ghosts on PS4/ps3 is having problems running at 1080p both single player and online multiplayer. Bad frame rate drops and stuttering.

Reviwers have reported back the XB1 mutiplayer and X box 360 single player and multiplayer all run at 60 frames and no frame rate drops.

Waiting on single player XB1, for reviews

So get real reports the facts, not rubbish.

Mkis007@ no bubbles

What an article from Jeremy Conrad. I guy who's ant-Microsoft and is the worse kind of troll. If he was a guy who never took sides. I'd listen to him and take it might have an air of truth to it. But him no way he's not worth my time.
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mkis007  +   751d ago
He completely goes off into his own world after you call him out on the fact that Neogaf guys are actually really accurate.

and then lies about reviewers saying it runs solid on xbox1, when the very sight he is on has a top article about just the opposite...
MightyNoX  +   751d ago

I know, right? You can taste dat saltiness. XD

There's a reason Halo's Developer, Major Nelson and Albert Penello all post on NeoGAF. I guess by the X-Camper's logic, everything the MS guys say by association is false.

Oh wait. X3
Flutterby  +   751d ago

Lol COD ghosts multiplayer is running worse than the ps4 version , it's dropping below 30fps on the xbone version , I don't know what reviewers you have been reading I'm guessing misterxmedia if that's what you believe. I have seen the xbone version of COD running in MP and SP and it's not good news for xbone fans.
MRMagoo123  +   751d ago

Stop talking complete BS i have reviewer friends they have even said that COD on xbone is pretty bad , one of them said it was pretty much identical to the 360 version lol cept the 360 version holds its frame rate but the xbone version drops really low just moving fast , kinda like DR3 i guess lol.
karl  +   751d ago
@KNWS damn, u went defensive pretty fast there
4lc4pon3  +   751d ago
Yeah just like everything else neogaf was so wrong about but almost everything was true. Deep deep. Neogaf has been pretty spot on
5eriously  +   751d ago
Now looky here! Biased fannyboy trolls in action!

With you it just depends in which direction the f@rt blows but 9/10 it hits you straight under the nose! (wink)

KNWS + 2d ago
Ya only at E3, in front of a live audience and TV audience, a game running on PS4 hardware, stopped working completely and lagged!

No overheating problems really? If it was one event you couldn't easily dismiss it. But there has been two other instances of happening since E3. From what i read nobody yet has got approval to review a retail version of the PS4? Thats a sign something is up!
#16 Agree(4) | Disagree(29)

KNWS + 2d ago
Hes not the only one who thinks something is not right here.

#17.1 Agree(2) | Disagree(25)

Belking + 2d ago
How would they know if a console overheats or not? They only use dev kits. If they were overheating they sure as hell arent gonna tell anyone.
#21 Agree(4) | Disagree(25)

bleedsoe9mm + 2d ago
if sony is holding back retail units from the media because there is an overheating problem , and it doesn't want people to cancel preorders , it a major story and borderline fraud .
#21.1.1 Agree(3) | Disagree(13)

Funantic1 + 23d ago
Denial and've crossed the red line of death. They've already confirmed that the PS4 is using smaller cheaper fans. Plus the PS4's casing is too small to allow adequate ventilation to flow inside properly. The X1 has plenty of vents, big expensive fans, and an external power brick. MS is not playing around.

#1.6.1 (Edited 23d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(25)

Rimfro + 23d ago
I'm seeing impressive displays of denial all over this thread. It is what it is. These things are rarely isolated, but who knows?
#1.13 (Edited 23d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(12)

ballsohard2013 + 23d ago
This was to be expected some say. There was an article posted on this site about a month ago where some engineers voiced concern that the PS4 was gonna be prone to overheating because the case is too small and possible improper ventilation.

Some high end gaming PC's have extensive cooling mechanisms so maybe PS4 will have an accessory to deal with cooling at release. Sheesh.... Not this shit again.
#27 Agree(0) | Disagree(5)

BobBelcher + 23d ago
This rumour is considered 'doubtful' on N4G?
Whaaaat??? Color me surprised...
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GTgamer  +   751d ago
Xbox fanboys are backwards bro i don't even waste my time arguing with them anymore its So funny when the red line of death rumor started all you saw was xbox fans screaming enjoy your overheating PS4 but now that a rumor starts saying the Xone overheats all you hear from xbox fans are oh its fake clickbait Neogaf is never right blablablahblah. SMFH
BobBelcher  +   751d ago
Classic N4G.

This rumour will be driven hard into the "For Sure" category by this time tomorrow.

I wonder why that is...
karl  +   751d ago
Pls could u point me to an internet forum or gamenews page where the xbox one is awesome and ps4 sucks?

Because according to you here on n4g we must be all crazy ps4 fanboys
falviousuk  +   751d ago
sadly the comments section on here is full of Sony fanboys thats what maks this such a poor place for discussion
karl  +   751d ago
well, thats why im asking for a site where thats not the case.. where maybe xbox fanboys are more or even at least
BobBelcher  +   751d ago
surprisingly enough- IGN is probably the closest to a balanced website and the Sony fans there at least TRY not to be horrid.
digitalkid  +   751d ago
Sony should spent their money for AAA titles, not all this PR bullshit.
Jury  +   751d ago
Do you realise Sony have a lot more aaa titles in production than ms? Also, what pr bullshit are you talking about?
falviousuk  +   751d ago
So you know exactly what titles and how many both Sony and MS have in prodcution
steve30x  +   751d ago
Any piece of computer hardware will overheat if its in an enclosure or enclosed area where it isn't getting enough cool air into it.
LogicStomper  +   751d ago
Edit: Comment wasn't meant to go here, sorry!
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5eriously  +   751d ago
Although I fully agree with you I find it very strange to read the comments in here about this "rumour" from the same crowd that bashed the PS4 when the false rumour of the Red Line overheating problem surfaced when a PS4 was enclosed 100% in a sealed display case. In fact it's not only very comic but fecking hilarious!
#13.2 (Edited 751d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
steve30x  +   751d ago
I also find it hilarious that somebody disagreed with me. Its obvious that that person doesnt have a clue.
mixelon  +   751d ago
I doubt its anything to do with overheating. That part sounds made up. Who would have passed that info down? - certainly not MS, lol. Speculation.

The real reason Ms would be shipping shells running media player is to stop a flood of pre release youtube videos and other stuff they don't want out there yet. I wouldn't want in store demo units of something which requires day one patches and requires log-ins to function properly.

Display cases are either properly ventilated with active airflow or badly designed. I doubt they'd make a display case that overheats the X1.
#14 (Edited 751d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
NarcolepZZZZZZ  +   751d ago
My local Walmart has a demo unit with 2 controllers..
FrigidDARKNESS  +   751d ago
MoRe lies and FUD from the folks on the other side. Their are plenty of real xbox one sytems that demo games all day with no over heating issues.
#16 (Edited 751d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
ziggurcat  +   751d ago
i think this goes to show that placing an electronic device that produces heat inside of an enclosed box with no chance for that heat to escape is going to cause problems.

hilarious, though, that xbox apologists are calling BS on this...
Funantic1  +   751d ago
Lies. Where's the proof? Where's the pictures? Word of mouth from fanboys. Lol. Too funny.
ELpork  +   751d ago
I worked gamestop for 6 years, all of those display models break. PS2, Xbox, GameCube, PS3, XB360, Wii, And Wii U, they all fuckin break. There on for 12 hours straight, 7 days a week (Longer if nobody turns them off) in a poorly vented area, they will break no matter what.
bryanm  +   751d ago
You can't put any console in an enclosed plastic box and expect it to work, it's just common sense, this is just an article trying to play the Xbox One matter for extra views.
And considering the Xbox One is being properly demoed in various stores and even being toured around the UK for people to try, I somewhat doubt there's any grand issue they are attempting to hide.
mhunterjr  +   751d ago
Lol who did this store manager ask? One of his N4G addicted employees?
Max-Zorin  +   751d ago
Give any console no breathing room and see if it don't overheat. Humans.............
iceman1346  +   751d ago
if this is true then MS is f***ed
bromtown  +   751d ago
Same as Ps4 demo units I've seen. They have a USB pass through for the controller, so the shell with USB pass through goes in the plastic case and the real console goes in the bottom of the display stand where there's better ventilation (and a locked door). Then you just plug in the controller through the shell and into the real one.

Newsflash: put a games console in a perspex box, doesn't really work.
Tctczach  +   751d ago
I think I just saw one at Wal-Mart...
tiffac008  +   751d ago
True or not. Enclosed space without proper ventilation + gaming console = overheating. That's just common sense
Evil_Ghosty  +   751d ago
I am a Games Co-Ordinator at the same chain of stores this picture was sent from, which is JB Hifi. They are rolling these out to every store in Australia, I asked the same question today when it was installed.

It is just running video loops off a USB drive in the draw in the bottom via hdmi.

The actual consoles wont be installed with controllers until launch. Nothing extra ordinary here guys.
Jury  +   751d ago
Any ps4s left for launch? Are they holding any back for walk-ins?
Evil_Ghosty  +   751d ago
Not on launch day no we're sold out. Dont have the spare for walkins however if you pre order PS4 ASAP you'll get it before Christmas. I do not like to guarantee anything before Xmas in general because people will crucify you if you are wrong haha, but yeah at this stage you'll get it quickly! :)
Jury  +   751d ago
Thanks mate. I got an email from jb and they said the same thing. New shipment etc. that is plan b. think I'll try big w and target on launch day
Dlacy13g  +   751d ago
Wow...this is a pretty big stretch of truth/facts to create an article. Hope the clicks are worth it.
andibandit  +   751d ago
i still dont why the console would be cut in half....article seems a little weird
Clarence  +   751d ago
Who is the genius putting the console in a box with no ventilation?
#29 (Edited 751d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Guwapo77  +   751d ago
First it was the PS4 and now the XBox One having overheating problems? Can't stand these rumors...

Secondly, MS better not have made the same mistake twice. To think it's even possible with this low powered chip...
MorePowerOfGreen  +   751d ago
XB1 does not have problems. These are click bait lies and are clarified in the story update. It was a hell of a(them! Too! damage control) stretch to begin with.
Gamer666  +   751d ago
I agree. It seems like gamers are wandering stores looking for any reason to hate on the console they are not getting.

Both Sony and MS will ship solid hardware this gen.
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