Sound Shapes on PS4 Runs At 1080p 60 FPS Resolution, Looks Super Sharp says Santa Monica

Santa Monica has confirmed that Playstation 4 version of Sound Shapes runs at 1080p 60 FPS resolution.

The developer further added that Sound Shapes looks super sharp and is available as FREE download on PS4.

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theBAWSE1687d ago

should think so.. looks like my SNES could run it

Funantic11687d ago

The first gameboy could run this.

Mr Pumblechook1687d ago

Not being rude but this is a non-story. Indie games are not as technically demanding as a big budget game so we should expect to see them all run at 1080p 60fps even on an XB one.

xhi41687d ago

Love how everythings being confirmed at 1080p (900p at the lowest) and 30-60fps at launch for the PS4 - imagine what games on PS4 in one year let alone 2-3 are going to be like! CRAZY times ahead!

MightyNoX1687d ago

Hats off for pointing out that if a 'certain' other console improves, PS4 is also going to improve down the line.

mistertwoturbo1687d ago

Seriously... Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, and Polyphony Digital.

'Nuff said

Destrania1687d ago

There's even way more than that (Sucker Punch, Guerrilla, Quantic Dream, etc.), but yes, good point. The games on PS4 are going to be incredible. Glad we get great multi-plats as well.

mistertwoturbo1687d ago

^Yup precisely.

I have 100% faith in Sony's first party studios to come out with some mind blowing stuff. The amazing graphics will complement the gameplay.

I mean seeing what they did with the PS3 despite their limitations is already mind boggling. Exciting times ahead!

mhunterjr1687d ago

There's no reason a game like this wouldn't be 1080p... I think people are overly infatuated with these specs nowadays.

BobBelcher1687d ago

Watching grass grow at 1080p is still just watching grass grow- yet we make a big deal over resolution.

MasterCornholio1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

So what? People have the right to now what resolutions their games run in and if a developer can push 1080P why are they nor allowed to do so?

I bet if all Xbox One games ran in 1080P you wouldnt be saying that because according to Microsoft


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BobBelcher1687d ago

yes, resolution is an infomrative matter, but because of 'avid-consumers' they've made resolution the most important thing about a game... Aaaaand it's not.

KwietStorm1687d ago

You mean watching a flower grow at 1080p.

BobBelcher1687d ago

I see what you did there.

MasterCornholio1687d ago

It would be embarrassing if a game like that didn't run in that resolution with that frame rate.

Meh I already own this game so I'll just download for my PS4 when I get it.

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