PS4 Demo Units Reveal A New Coverflow UI

PS4 demo units have started showing up on Twitter. They show a brand coverflow UI that hasn’t been seen on any previous demo unit.

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solidt121658d ago

OMG! is there a demo for Second Son running on that PS4?

HugoDrax1658d ago

No, only demo you can play is FIFA14 and KNACK. Played it at my local gamestop yesterday. The dualshock controller feels really good!

irepbtown1658d ago

I need to start checking if there are any in UK. We don't get the PS4 until 29th :(

bligmerk1658d ago

These demo kiosks can be updated with more game demos as the holiday season starts. inFamous:SS has a demo level that looks like it is stable enough for a demo kiosk.

Would not surprise me a bit if there is an inFamous:SS playable demo on the kiosks by Black Friday.

0ut1awed1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

If anyone is curious, I recorded a video of a demo one booting up for the first time and then loading into a game...

SecondSon1658d ago

@irepbtown You have been missing out PS4 test units have been everywhere in the UK mate. Every 'Game' shop in my area has had events for the PS4 and although they asked people to tweet them for places some of them just had their doors open for everyone to try it out! Get in touch with your local stores!

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darthv721658d ago

i never knew that it was called coverflow. All i know is i have seen it used on modded wii's before.

PunisherRevenge1658d ago

Wow...this UI on this PS4 looks pretty dope. November 15 can't get here soon enough.

AirHype1658d ago

I was worried about missing Xbox's easy to use UI, but PS4... Come to papa! It looks sexy!

Septic1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

That's hardly functional though is it? What is the point of that coverflow UI? Style over substance no?

ShinMaster1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Hardly functional? Seems functional enough to me.
You pick a game scrolling from left to right. Simple.

Does a demo unit need to be any more complicated than that?

Septic1658d ago


"Does a demo unit need to be any more complicated than that?"

No it doesn't but the chap above is comparing it to the X1's fully fledged UI. So is it functional enough for what? The final product or just a demo unit?

The Captain1658d ago

I used it and its easy and sexy.... very slick!

SilentNegotiator1658d ago

Hardly functional? How do you get 9 bubbles trolling like that?

Septic1658d ago

How am I trolling?

Its obviously just a placeholder UI for a demo unit, not a fully fledged one and that alone shouldn't be enough to allay any of AirHype's fears about 'missing' the X1's easy to use UI.

InfamousBlackGuy1658d ago

This guy probably has like 9 accounts to further his trolling motif. Almost all his comments rack up 9 bubbles - as if trolls were ever desired to further their input.

bligmerk1658d ago

The big advance in this next gen UI is dynamic icons. Nothing new but it's the way it's packaged. The PS3 kind of pioneered dynamic icons, anything from an image to small clips of the game. That is all this is on the PDM, being called cover flow, but it is just an image of the cover, very little overhead while looking really cool and does substitute for the cover art when getting games totally digital download.

Concertoine1658d ago

you guys are way too sensitive, septic is not a troll and he's been on the site for like 3 years. he's usually pretty level minded and just expressed distaste for coverflow >_>

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Themba761658d ago

not bad at all this just made the wait that much harder.

MRMagoo1231658d ago

Its getting close guys so very close :)))))

90Supra1658d ago

Found a kiosk at Frys 2 days ago...

DS4 is awesome in online had me a little worried

UI was smooth and clean looking......obviously this was a demo unit so no telling if retail consoles will be exactly the same, but i like what i saw...

and the light on the console itself changed colors was blue at first, then changed to white after a few minutes...

just 8 more days until greatness...

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