Gran Turismo 6: Details of New GPS Logger; List of 124 New Cars

Upcoming sim racing game Gran Turismo 6 from developer Polyphony Digital and publisher Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed new details about its GPS Logger feature.

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NatureOfLogic1477d ago

GT6 is really special. Next gen Forza really dropped the ball with less cars and tracks on next gen console. I'm really looking forward to GT6. Hopefully Forza gets it right with the next release.

Zuperman1477d ago

GT6 better be coming to the PS4 Gaikai service!!

abzdine1477d ago

GT6: PS4 edition has been teased by Yamauchi.
in the meantime, i will be enjoying some GT6 PS3.

Some get played with da powaah af da clawwd, i'm a believer in da powahh af CELL instead cause at least that's no BS marketing scam.

WhyHate1477d ago

I like your review, but most will wait for the two games to actually release to see what the real out come will be. Over all reviews and time will tell...

Sayai jin1477d ago

124 new cars!!! I know several of my friends who will enjoy this news. Nice job.

Me-Time1473d ago

the list is still incomplete, the Official GT site's car list notes.

Hicken1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Stupid legal snafus.

Edit: Also, according to this list it's now 123 without the Deltawing.

bobsmith1477d ago

Cant wait to drive every new car on all the new tracks

then theres the concept cars coming omg