Call of Duty Makes Season Passes Respectable

Last year, I made the fairly pretentious claim that Call of Duty was now “an institution,” which is precisely the kind of Brobdingnagian, fatuously-important declaration you make about something that is A) extremely popular, and yet B) almost entirely unremarkable (even among folks, like myself, who are consistently interested in yearly CoD releases). We can all set our watches by the early November release of each new installment, and like most watches, the terminal process is unmoved by our critical platitudes. We say what we can to demonstrate that we still respect the series’ legacy, but that hasn’t looked much more interesting in the last few years than “well, here comes CoD,” and “well, there goes CoD.” The time when I enjoyed talking about CoD as much as playing it has now passed on, bedecked with Egyptian cotton sheets and surrounded by loved ones.

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310dodo1477d ago

Ghost has been really fun so far.
I might actually consider the season pass because the MP has been solid.

ShowGun9011477d ago

some of their best/worst maps are dlc... LOL
all in all my season pass for black ops 2 went to good use, and i don't regret the price... just more content!

Scatpants1477d ago

I would buy a season pass if they made one with a new pack of DLC every week for a year. maybe not maps every week, but something. It would make the game always feel fresh and evolving.