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Nintendo Releases Multiple Japanese Commercials for Super Mario 3D World

It’s do or die (okay they won’t die) this coming Holiday Season for the Wii U platform holder and with the way Wii U has been selling for the majority of this entire year, Nintendo is going to have to give it all they’ve got. (Super Mario 3D World, Wii U)

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chadboban  +   347d ago
That first trailer... wow, just WOW!
Yep  +   347d ago
My thoughts exactly.

I can't even believe the E3 2013 reveal trailer even exists.

I require this game. Only a few more weeks now...
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KingOdin89  +   347d ago
And your thoughts, are my thoughts exactly!
Yep  +   347d ago
Anyone notice how this game has a light of colorful lights? Kind of a nice touch for the festive season.
bullymangLer  +   347d ago
The 1st trailer puts Knack to shame no?
badkolo  +   347d ago
if its not 1080p at 60fps its gonna suck ( sarcasm)
Yep  +   347d ago
It'll probably be 720p (upscaled 1080p) 60FPS. If it's 1080p60FPS, more power to us.
Concertoine  +   347d ago
its confirmed 720p. No big deal, game still looks great. i imagine they kept it at 720p to get the download size as low as 2 GB so that more people would buy it online
X1PS4WiiU  +   347d ago
Resolution only matters to a file size if its a video. This is 720p so it can look pretty at 60fps, and so theyre able to keep a stable framerate with that cherry powerup.
Concertoine  +   347d ago
that japanese chick is so ADORABLE
edit: hmmm she's also kind of annoying.
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sinncross  +   347d ago
ueto aya, does a lot of commercials here.

i like her as an actress.
Rockefellow  +   347d ago
The woman in the last two videos looks familiar; is she an actress well-known in Japan, like what Nintendo of America does over here for some commercials?

Her facial expressions and commentary is absolutely adorable, too. It looks legitimately genuine, like she actually enjoys the game-- not an easy feat to do for many paid actors.
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sinncross  +   347d ago
Pretty popular here in Japan.
LaWiiG  +   347d ago
As if I wasn't excited enough for the game!!
JackieCruise69  +   347d ago
I seriously can't wait for this game. I can't buy it at launch.. but dammit I'm getting as soon as I can.
kirbyu  +   347d ago
What's with the crickey chirping? There was a commercial for this game in America.
eagle21  +   347d ago
Looks better and better each new trailer.
_QQ_  +   347d ago
Looks better and better every time, Lol don't tell me Mario will already be the Highest rated game of then new gen,Least give them a chance Nintendo.
AWBrawler  +   347d ago
i am beyond hype to play as Luigi in this awesome game. maybe toad too
swice  +   347d ago
Wow dude...that first trailer!

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