Nintendo Releases Multiple Japanese Commercials for Super Mario 3D World

It’s do or die (okay they won’t die) this coming Holiday Season for the Wii U platform holder and with the way Wii U has been selling for the majority of this entire year, Nintendo is going to have to give it all they’ve got.

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chadboban1624d ago

That first trailer... wow, just WOW!

Yep1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

My thoughts exactly.

I can't even believe the E3 2013 reveal trailer even exists.

I require this game. Only a few more weeks now...

KingOdin891624d ago

And your thoughts, are my thoughts exactly!

Yep1624d ago

Anyone notice how this game has a light of colorful lights? Kind of a nice touch for the festive season.

BullyMangler1624d ago

The 1st trailer puts Knack to shame no?

badkolo1624d ago

if its not 1080p at 60fps its gonna suck ( sarcasm)

Yep1624d ago

It'll probably be 720p (upscaled 1080p) 60FPS. If it's 1080p60FPS, more power to us.

Concertoine1624d ago

its confirmed 720p. No big deal, game still looks great. i imagine they kept it at 720p to get the download size as low as 2 GB so that more people would buy it online

X1PS4WiiU1624d ago

Resolution only matters to a file size if its a video. This is 720p so it can look pretty at 60fps, and so theyre able to keep a stable framerate with that cherry powerup.

Concertoine1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

that japanese chick is so ADORABLE
edit: hmmm she's also kind of annoying.

sinncross1624d ago

ueto aya, does a lot of commercials here.

i like her as an actress.

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The story is too old to be commented.