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Call of Duty: Ghosts Review (Xbox 360) | BootHammer

"Join BootHammer as we review Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Xbox 360, which proves there is always room for improvement and innovation. The core gameplay is intact but joined by many new features, modes and the longest campaign in recent history for the series. Everything from the impressive solider customization to the variety of mulitplayer and the dynamic maps make this the best Call of Duty yet." -BootHammer (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360) 9/10

ContraCode  +   535d ago
Really enjoying the campaign so far. Gotta admit, the dog is pretty cool after all, lol.
BootHammer  +   535d ago
The campaign is around 10-13 hours so that's not bad at all; especially when you consider all the multiplayer content and features included on top of that. Looking forward to seeing how Ghosts plays and look on the PS4 and XB1. Lots of rumors and speculation but we wont' have long now till see for ourselves.
lets_go_gunners  +   535d ago
Beat the campaign in 6hrs on regular.
TalesofDalton  +   535d ago
Glad this turned out ok, after all the negative spin about resolution.
BootHammer  +   535d ago
Resolution certainly makes a difference but it's not the end all. A fun game running at 1080p is still fun at 720P. I enjoy my high end gaming PC but can also then kick back and have fun playing F-Zero on my GameCube. People get tunnel vision on graphic specs sometimes rather than the big picture.
BootHammer  +   535d ago
That's a fast run through "lets_go_gunners". Definitely takes a bit longer on a higher difficulty. Spent much time online?

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