BandFuse Reveals their 55 Song Setlist

In 13 days BandFuse hits North America! Since the game has been announced there has been much collecting of unofficial setlist information from numerous sources such as setlist scrolls on video, official trailer leaks, and anything else that could be discovered. Today the official setlist has been revealed and there are definitely a few surprises, and a few songs missing (did Yes say no?). In any event the BandFuse setlist is a mishmash of songs that will take you back to the old days of Guitar Hero and Rock Band and even a bit of Rocksmith. Lots of bang for your buck here!

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Rockefellow1624d ago

I would love to see some Wolfmother on Rocksmith. I don't have the patience to learn the technicalities of another music game; it looks far too different from Rocksmith.

fardan851624d ago

Does I support joysticks? or should we get peripherals to play it?

Rockefellow1624d ago

If by "peripherals," you mean real guitars, then yes. That is all it supports.

GirlOnFire1624d ago

I waited for this for a long time and it shows up out of no where. T-T PS4 took my money already!