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Beyond: Two Souls revolves around Jodie Holmes (Ellen Page) a girl who’s born with an inexplicable connection to the soul of a boy named Aiden. The two are tethered between worlds, making them completely inseparable, and although Aiden himself is ethereal and invisible to the human eye, he and Jodie converse freely which puts Jodie in the very awkward position of constantly talking to herself. Because of her ‘special abilities’ Jodie ends up being raised under government care by Nathan Dawkins, who’s played by William Dafoe. Both actors do a stellar job, especially given how goofy some of the game’s dialogue can be, but two performers alone can only do so much to fix a messy narrative.

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InfamousBlackGuy1659d ago

Game was at least a 3.5. It wasn't exactly what it was hyped up to be, but the story was captivating and, often times, moving.

_QQ_1659d ago

fair score, a good .5 too low.

SolidGear31659d ago

Best game I've ever played besides The Last of Us

R6ex1659d ago

I shed a tear playing The Last of Us. Looking forward to Beyond Two Souls too.

memots1659d ago

lol , 4 out of 10 i highly doubt that its that bad. Have you seen games that are rated 4 out of 10 ?? Thats like Ios junk or shovelware.

How can they even call themselves reviewer or Journalist with this kind of trash.

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