Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z: Broly, Cooler, Metal Cooler, Final Form Cooler Confirmed

Broly, Cooler, Cooler (final form), and Metal Cooler have been confirmed to be in DBZ Battle of Z.

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TheGameTagerZ1629d ago

This game is shaping up pretty well!

HystericalGamez1629d ago

There are so many "characters"

EliteJFox1629d ago

i like dbz games as much as the next person, but seriously this should not be news with all the dbz games coming out lately the whole roster should be there. I hope they dont pull a budokai and tenkaichi with battle of z 2 or 3

Soupaman661628d ago

You don't like the sequels? From what I've heard budokai 3 and tenkaichi 3 were the best dbz games so far.

EliteJFox1628d ago

dont get me wrong i do like the sequels, the thing is they make too many sequels each one minor differences and adding more characters. Like tenkaichi 3 was good enough, it had everyone. Then they made raging blast which kinda played the same, but had even less characters just to make raging blast 2 which added them back. Do you see where im going with this. i dont want another battle of z 2 or 3

Soupaman661628d ago

EliteJFox I think what you mean to say is that you don't want another raging blast/full burst but instead a budokai tenakichi hd collection and then a different dbz game that uses a different fighting style than the others(ultimate tenkaichi is a bad example).

kayoss1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

I don't care about broly or cooler. Give me the damn monkey Bubbles and cricket Gregory.