New Call of Duty in 2014 and significant World of Warcraft content incoming

Forgetting all the financial numbers, Activision Blizzard are committed to a new Call of Duty next year. It's also now sounding like a World of Warcraft expansion announcement is likely this week at BlizzCon.

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UnrealThreats1685d ago

How in the hell was Ghosts a "record high"?? This game looked so recycled it was the first COD I decided I was not going to buy on launch. We will have to see if COD Delivers next year...

Ghosts1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

UnrealThreatss..mmmmmmmm Now let's be honest..Ghosts look better than any previews COD..No hard feeling, keep it real

Bonerboy1685d ago

Well, I hope there is more of THIS going into the "NEW" Cod.....enjoy. Brutal.

NateCole1685d ago

Enough with the World of Warcraft crap.

I want a proper Warcraft 4.

Baka-akaB1685d ago

only if it time travels , and destroy all the crap WoW did to the story and lore

NateCole1685d ago

Tell me about it. I completely hate WoW even though i am perhaps the biggest Blizzard fanboy alive. It's not that it casualized Warcraft but the quality is just not up to the insanely high quality that Blizzard is known for.

I just want a Warcraft 4 that takes place straight after the events of 3.

PawnSacrifice1685d ago

Gee! A new COD next year!
Who saw that one coming? /s

guitarded771685d ago

Captain Obvious must be writing the headlines today. They're gonna s#!t when they find out there's a new FIFA and Madden coming in 2014 too.

venom061685d ago

after those PATHETIC ASS REVIEW SCORES????? wow.. talk about milking the hell out of a used up cow!!

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The story is too old to be commented.