New information of PlayStation 4 augmented reality glasses

Reappear rumors, Sony is working on augmented reality glasses for your next-gen console, the PlayStation 4. Now, EDGE confirms the existence of this device, 2014? 2015? The company doesn't want to take ownership for the launch of the PlayStation 4, but the announcement is imminent.

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UnrealThreats1662d ago

Holy. Boobs. This. Is. Gonna. Be. AWESOME!!!!!1!!

Mikey322301662d ago

Holy. Awesome. Expensive. Boobs

FamilyGuy1662d ago

Was just about to comment on the price, we need to know how much, they've gotta price it reasonably or it'll be pointless.

Still interesting to hear about DriveClub/MotorStorm devs being front runners. They were fully behind 3D so it makes a lot of sense.

Maybe this is what we'll be hearing about on Spike?

memots1662d ago

This shit is the tits

llMurcielagoll1662d ago

You reminded me of Macklemoore's song, This. Is. Effing. Awesome!

kneon1662d ago

If they can't get the price under $500 then it won't have much impact. Their current 3D visors are OK but they are just too expensive for most people.

Gridloc1662d ago

If any one company can pull this off for a console it would be Sony. Can you imagine the power brick you'll need if Microsoft makes a set of

RandomDude6551662d ago

Xbox had some power brick issues that caused fires.
360 had overheating issues.
Don't trust Microsoft with my face.

Anywho AR for the win.

FamilyGuy1662d ago

AR ftw, we already see Sony has backed augmented reality with a few PSP/PS Vita titles and The Playroom shows they're still interested in it. Even EyePet, Eye of Judgement and that wizard book thing were forms of ar.

More than just the tech I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of games they come up with for it.

Blaze9291662d ago

"Can you imagine the power brick you'll need if Microsoft makes a set of glasses"

can you imagine the bank account you'll need if Sony makes a set of glasses?

MRMagoo1231662d ago

why is that ? the only person over pricing things at the moment is MS, have you seen the prices of their sh!tty surface tablet lol or the underpowered xbone.

SpinalRemains1381662d ago


Yeah. They're charging 500 bucks for 720p playing console and calling it next Gen because you can watch tv with it.

mxrider21991662d ago

you mean the ps3 which what they lost like 200 bucks for every ps3 sold? if you ask me they werent raping anyones pocket like the xbone is


so far away. needs to come on. ive dreamed about vr since the lawnmower man movie. damn im old

NateCole1662d ago

Price will be the key factor.

ABizzel11662d ago

Price > Games > Hardware = Online > Features

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The story is too old to be commented.