Warframe - Obex Melee Weapon Trailer

A new trailer from Digital Extremes reveal the Obex Weapon.

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rmw2hot931d ago

Can't wait 2 play this on ps4

Grave931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

Me 4. I have played this on Steam and thought it was really cool. I have friends that are completely addicted to the coop. I just felt this game would be much better with a controller.

SpinalRemains138931d ago

7 days, baby!

Space ninjas! Woot

Godmars290931d ago

If only they were space ninjas. A modern Tenchu with a sci-fi theme.

NateCole930d ago

Oh man that would be super awesome. Mix in a bit of fantasy like in the first game and we will have a winner.

sigfredod930d ago

I would love a proper Tenchu release on PS4, that will be day one for me

Sayai jin931d ago

Damn! I have not been watching this much at all. I will be getting this, Is this a digital download at launch?

Grave931d ago

Yes and it's free to play.

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