Interview: How Bungie Plays Halo 3

You think you're good at Halo. You think you've mastered the multiplayer. But could you beat the very best? Could you win against the actual men and women who designed Halo 3 in the first place?

Games Radar recently had the pleasure to visit Bungie headquarters and test the new maps. At the same time, they also had the pleasure of being sorely trounced by Bungie's employees in Halo 3 deathmatch. Games Radar's humiliation is your gain, however, as they remembered to hit the record button before crawling away in defeat.

The videos in this article are not your average multiplayer footage. These show two masters at work... two guys playing on maps they helped design... two guys who know the ins, outs and sideways of every vehicle, weapon and equipment in the game... two guys who play Halo 3 every single day as part of their job description.

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