Watch One Hour of Ryse: Son of Rome Single Player Gameplay and 170 Screenshots Including Upgrades

Microsoft Game Studios livestreamed a full hour of Xbox One exclusive and launch title Ryse: Son of Rome finally giving us an extensive glimpse on the single player campaign.

In addition to that, they also shown a glimpse of a new multiplayer level named "Sandstorm" at the end of the livestream.

Here you can see the full recording of the livestream and 170 screencaps from it, showing the most relevant, spectacular and brutal scenes.

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ThatEnglishDude1784d ago ShowReplies(10)
objectivePSfan1784d ago

pretty game that plays horribly. Those are my thoughts after watching a good chunk of that.

mikeslemonade1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

It's average looking. Y'all are just too easily pleased. Just because it looks better than current-gen. Its gotta look better considering the scope of the game is pretty small.

The beginning looks good but once they get into the action in the middle the environments just look barely ahead of current-gen.

Seriously, take a closer look at the water, the pieces of wood, and ship in the back ground. Some current gen games actually meet or surpass that garbage.

JackISbacK1784d ago

man you are realy pathetic ,i know you are sony fanoy ,just tell me what makes you please that you must buy killzone shadowfall yeah i know the answer graphics and is the same reason here ,i've tried killzone shadowfall and it looks and play likes just mve on ,if you fing some guy lokking to other direction ,just take them out and move forward yeah this is what i played ,it was having amazing graphics ,i never found any preview that state that killzone is a good game very one said there is terrible level design and multiplayer is more weak then cod mp ,yeah they wewre having one thing in common that it is having amzaing graphics ,yeah i also say that ,but atleast this game brings some chalenges to player yeah it is not having much scope but it is more kind of cinematic game where more you listen to story and watch cinematics than playing game ,and yeah your comment on water ,yo ho buddy i think you are wrearing glasses made by sony especialy for fanboys ,these are the best watter efects ever seen on any game.

mikeslemonade1783d ago

What's pathetic is your message is barely comprehensible.

As for the water it doesn't look real. When I played GTA5 it was either I didn't have high expectations, but all I can say the water in GTA5 impressed me mainly because it was open-world and they made the water look this good. Putting in context for Ryse's background water, the water simply doesn't look real. The water looks good but not good enough and it does not meet next-gen expectations.

And I'm pretty much saying Ryse barely meets next-gen graphics expectations. You are pretty much fooled into thinking it looks great because of the cinematic camera zooming in and out. Just look at the gameplay. Stop being biased about the beginning part and look at what the game offers in the middle.

In Killzone there's damage, there's multiple ways of completing the mission, and different avenues of approach. Don't even bring Killzone into discussion because quality wise it's better than COD and looks better than BF. It looks more interesting than BF too.

UltimateMaster1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Is it my screen, is it the livestream?
Damn, it's really choppy.
Has this been taken directly from the Xbox One or an external capture card? Because this sucks.
Game looks good btw. But the framerate issues are horrendous, I'm assuming it has something to do with the stream.

UltimateMaster1783d ago

Ok, it was worst than this this afternoon, now it's more decent.
But it looks more like 20fps at some times.

Ko_Uraki1784d ago

Very beautiful. Maybe it is a bit repetitive, but I've heard that there are final bosses and of course the hack and slash genre is it is not a surprise.

Saviour1784d ago

well batman games are repetitive too.

Polysix1784d ago

1 hour or 1 minute.. it's all the same.. QTEZzzzzzzzzzzz

Fishy Fingers1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

A game I'll get bored of playing before I'am at looking at it. Great graphics though.

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