Activision Confirms new Call of Duty and Skylanders Games in 2014

Activision released their financials for the three months ending on September 30th today, revealing how revenue was down 18% to $691 million, while profits were down 75% to $56 million. - PSLS

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xHeavYx1838d ago

I did not see that one coming... /s

TOGC1838d ago

No one saw Call of Duty: Ghosts coming. /s

trywizardo1838d ago

no way a new COD next year wow , i wonder what will it looks like , ohhh wait its the same as MW1 ...

first1NFANTRY1838d ago

Another one I won't be getting until they upgrade their engine to next gen.

AtomicGerbil1838d ago

Seriously? This is not news, it's like reporting the sun rising every 24 hours. Why bother, just report when they are not making another one and save yourselves some time.

Destrania1838d ago

CoD makes me sick... Especially the fact that people keep buying it over way better games.

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The story is too old to be commented.