Rockband 1.4 Patch Released for PS3

Unannounced by Harmonix the 1.4 patch for Rockband on PS3 was released today. Now songs are available for purchase in-game before they are released on the standard PS store. The in-game music store is fully working again (it was broken after the new PS store launched), but the in-game store is still using the old store interface.

Here's a link to the Blog regarding the 1.4 patch

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jaaz3858d ago

is for Harmonix to stop screwing around and give us the patch that allows the Guitar Hero guitar to work with Rock Band.

DevonTheDude5353858d ago

Amen brother, I broke down and bought another RB guitar when they came out a few weeks ago (I got tired of waiting).

solar3858d ago

exactly. 360 owners get it...why is activision being such arses and not letting us ps3 owners gravel in the les paul goodness?

DevonTheDude5353858d ago

The same applies to the Wii version coming out by the way.

xplosneer3850d ago

I've been pissed off byt that for a long time now, it was supposed to be ready in december but the companies argued.

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