The Daily Five: PS3 Games to Still Look Forward To

"The launch of the PlayStation 4 is so close that we can almost taste it. Gosh golly, are we excited for it! New hardware is always a treat, and the PS4 is one of the most promising machines to come in a long time.

But don’t throw out your PlayStation 3 just yet, sweet pea. We might be buzzing over the shiny new toy, but ol’ faithful still has plenty to give you. Here are just a few PS3 games to get excited for through March 2014." - Joe Garcia

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tdogchristy901866d ago

Unless something is pulled out of a hat I haven't seen anything until mirrors edge 2 or destiny that intrests me. The last games I played we're ac3 (360) and tlou (ps3)

1866d ago
Tontus1866d ago

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 will be the best hack 'n slash game since God of War III which will be 4 years old by the time C:LoS2 releases, how time flies.

king_george1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

psshhh idk about you guys but I still got a backlog list that can stretch around the world twice

still havent finished:
bioshock 2 and Infinite
borderlands 2
uncharted drakes fortune
god of war ascension
heavenly sword
all ninja gaiden games
killzone 2
metal gear solid series (I know im super late)
etc... too many to list lol

I figure my ps3 still has a couple years to offer me