GamesBeat: NBA Live 14 vs. NBA 2K14: Finding the king of the next-gen court

GamesBeat: With the next generation of consoles due in a little more than a week with the PlayStation 4′s debut, the launch lineup is firming up. A little over a week ago, 2K Sports held a press event outlining their plans for next-gen basketball, starting with NBA 2K14. Last week, EA revealed their NBA experience with NBA Live 14. Now that we’ve seen them, how do the new generation of sports titles stack up thus far?

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Sadie21001837d ago

Man, I need to see these 2K14 graphics in person. Keep hearing great things.

MadMax1837d ago

I dont know, Live always had better gameplay to me. 2K always felt not as enjoyable. Graphics will be great on both games, depends what kind of gameplay youre looking for. I hope Live sticks with the same formula.

JRH77831837d ago

Picking my copy of PS4 2K14 from Gamestop tomorrow. just don't have a PS4 to play it on... The days are getting closer though.

Yehshuah1837d ago

dude go get a life. i'm in school and have no time to buy or play games. i only read articles here. people here are always talking about picking up copies

JRH77831836d ago

Funny you say you're in school. I'll be receiving a bachelors in Networking & Communication Management next month. Can't wait to just go to work & get off to play my PS4 without having papers to write and test/quizzes to take. Been a long 4 years.

Regardless Yehshuah, if you're on N4G and don't game then you're obviously in the wrong place.

Khajiit861837d ago

The winner by a whole gaming gen (ps360) is 2K

kenthegreat11837d ago

Man, I'm amazed that NBA Live still happening. Bit of a gap, there.