Nintendo is Right to Not Consider Going 3rd Party

Gamnesia: "I have not exactly hidden the fact I am not a fan of Mr. Iwata as CEO of Nintendo. I think he’s a great person and an excellent problem solver, but most of the time he just spends his days cleaning up his own mistakes. It’s admirable, but generally you don’t want your CEO to be making the type of mistakes Iwata does.

One thing he has been right about all along has been his stance against going 3rd party. Releasing their games on mobile platforms and having their console offerings appear on competitor’s hardware sounds like a great strategy today, but it doesn’t consider the future of the medium. If Nintendo hops into the third party bandwagon, they very well may be turning into a sinking ship. If you think it’s bad now, you have no idea what would come with this close minded strategy."

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FoxHound_1838d ago

Whether they should/need to go 3rd party is something we just can't answer right now. We do know this though, Nintendo is going to really have to step it up in 2014 with the Wii U. It's going to be a critical year for the Wii U.

mikeslemonade1838d ago

They need to go 3rd party. They have pissed me off and made it passion to never buy a Nitendo system ever again. And at good reason at that.. why why should I buy one?

zeal0us1838d ago

Just curious how did they piss you off?

Omegasyde1838d ago

I don't own a WiiU but once the core franchises come out I plan on getting one.

Local co-op gaming is the reason I still like them + mario kart.

Anarki1838d ago

No. They shouldn't go 3rd party, their 3ds is doing well for itself. They should strictly stay handheld gaming and perhaps release some games on the PS/Xbox. I think that's their best bet, they hit the nail on the head with the Wii due to it's innovation and its low price however the Wii U is none of this, it's just gimmicky and not even fun to play.

mikeslemonade1838d ago

Pissed me off on where what kind of games they are targeting to make and how suitable the system hardware is in today's gaming industry.

live2play1838d ago

You need to close your account. You have pissed me off and made it passion to never read your comments ever again. And at good reason at that.. why why should i read your troll comments.

mikeslemonade1838d ago

Good.. keep getting ripped off by Nintendo.

lilbroRx1838d ago

Better than being ripped off by Sony and Microsoft. At least I have fun with Nintendo products.

mikeslemonade1838d ago

Such a childish comment. What are you 15?

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jhoward5851838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

The problem is, Nintendo need to spend some real money and make new ips. Their low cost policies is what holding Nintendo back. They need to invest more! Simple as that!

SpiralTear1838d ago

Regardless of what it is, a brand-new AAA IP for Wii U would do wonders for Nintendo. Miyamoto said that he's working on one, but even just a brief teaser would calm the nerves of anxious gamers who've played New Super Mario Bros. to death.

A little risk would help.

princejb1341838d ago

would love to see mario games on Sony and MS consoles

link2Dpast1838d ago

Can't stand when people say that, that's like saying they want final fantasy or metal gear ona Microsoft system. ....o wait is already been done. . there no such things as first party/exclusives. Only Nintendo had that and that's what people complain about, wake up people Nintendo don't need 3rd party persay. They need it on the basis because of fans but I can give two creeps about playing call of duty on a Nintendo system. Give me first pau and exclusives all day. people ark for to much. Just buy an expensive Computer and emulate everything.

310dodo1838d ago

Nintendo one day should go 3rd party.
They're games would sell like hotcakes on Sony and MS systems.

Many gamers now adays do not trust or find Nintendo home consoles appealing.
They specialize in handheld consoles & nostalgia.

90Supra1838d ago

I pray for the day that a studio like SSM or Naughty Dog can get a hold of The Legend of Zelda ip...

Misaka_x_Touma1838d ago

no no no

I don't want Sony studios or Sony themselves touching anything Nintendo.

SonyDroneKilla1838d ago ShowReplies(2)
AJBACK2FRAG1838d ago

Lol! That will be the worst day in my life.

truechainz1838d ago

SSM and Naughty Dog are awesome devs in their own right, but what you have just described represents what would be the darkest day in gaming.

Gemmol1838d ago

I would retire from gaming, I do not even like uncharted, this would be the worst thing any one could wish

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Imonaboat11838d ago

They would make a huge load of money, but they are too stubborn.

paulcek1838d ago

Nope. If they gave their ip away, they would only be making money off of games, and not consoles. Plus, a lot of shares would also be going to Microsoft/Sony, so they wouldn't be making that much money at all.

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