TrueTrophies bring accurate trophy tracking to PlayStation gamers

Punk and Lizard writes: "TrueGaming Network, the company behind the ground-breaking Xbox achievement site TrueAchievements, is delighted to announce the launch of its new sister site, TrueTrophies bringing the challenge of accurate trophy tracking to PlayStation gamers for the first time."

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matrixman921780d ago

i was in the beta for this is really nice, just needs to be populated for people to make guides

guitarded771780d ago

I just wish Sony could fix the Trophy Sync on PS3. Damn thing freezes up on me every time. For over a year now. I tried everything on the blog, but nothing. Best I've gotten to is 17%, then an error message.

Heavenly King1780d ago

keep trying. It will eventually gets to 100%. Everythime you sync, it uploads trophies to the server. So if one time you reach 17%, and a later time you reach only 4%, it just means each time the PS3 was syncing different trophies, so in reality you sync 21%.

You need to keep trying, because that problem occurred to me. I played on my second PS3 at another place, got like 600 trophies, then when going back home, my main PS3 was having the same problem as yours, and took a lot of time to get all those trophies; but in the end everything was good.

Hope it helps.

Skate-AK1780d ago

That's really weird. Never have had that happen. How you tried syncing on a separate PS3 or having a buddy do it?

harv0521780d ago

Yeah I don't know why, but my FAT ps3 syncs trophies way faster than my SLIM does...

GameSpawn1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

This can be related to a multitude of things from a combination of factors. Most common is quality/speed of your internet connection to the server (a slow connection my not be your fault due to getting routed trough a slow server between you and Sony's servers) or you're system's database needs to be rebuilt on the hard drive (think defragging the PS3 hard drive).

I had an issue for the longest time where it would hang at 12% for 5-10 minutes before either erroring out with a bad connection to the server or it would jump to 70% then 100% and finish. If it did finish it never happened again for quite some time. I've also noticed that after my PS3 does an automatic database rebuild (usually after a game freeze/improper shutdown) that trophies sync ridiculously fast.

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Skate-AK1780d ago

That's pretty cool. I'll stick with the tracking website I already use. Good group of people there.

wynams1780d ago

I was hoping next gen to not have to use 3rd party websites/software to blast my trophy whoring on social media

SuperBlur1779d ago

Thats for ps3/vita.. who knows how its gonna work on ps4

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