Top 5 Reasons to Buy Knack on Launch Day

"Not everyone's taste is the same. Some of us are going to like different games for different reasons, but that doesn't change the dedication and time put into developing these titles. While some games review well and others poorly, there are always reasons you can find for making the purchase decision on launch day. We think Knack is going to be one of those games that teeters on the fence, but people are going to remember it the most from launch because of its differences and the way it tried to display what the PlayStation 4 is capable of thanks to Mark Cerny and the wonderful team at Sony." David Wales, Stealthy Box

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ZodTheRipper1838d ago

Preordered it last week thanks to Amazon's "Buy 2 - Get 1 Free" promotion =)
My little cousin is looking forward to this game even more than I do lol

vividi1838d ago

Thanks for the video, it convince me

KontryBoy7061838d ago

I think it's supposed to start in the states next week along with Target, Best Buy etc....

badz1491838d ago

this is definitely my type of game. can't wait to get this with KZSF!

from all the previews so far, this is part platformer like Ratchet just without the crazy guns and part LEGO games with all the smashing and destruction! I love LEGO games but the lack of any difficulty setting and the seemingly easy gameplay makes it more a "sightseeing" adventure than a game. Knack is proven to be a challenger and that's a GREAT news!

SuperBlur1838d ago

Top 1 reason to wait

It'll be added to PS+ bucket of free games eventually .

maddskull1838d ago

i actually prefer buying it day one than waiting

Lucreto1838d ago

I am waiting for the reviews before I consider it. It is an advantage of waiting 2 extra weeks after the US launch I can save a few quid if it is a dud.

MikeGdaGod1838d ago

i'll play it through Gamefly

Regis1838d ago

I played the demo at a demo unit at my gamestop and to me it felt like a rehash of a great game naughty dog made called Crash Bandicoot the only thing I found different is that Knack has health and a difficulty setting.