[04/24] US PlayStation Store UPDATE

United States

-R-Types (PS1) - $5.99 (R-Type 1 and 2 included)
-Echochrome demo
-Iron Man demo

-Army of Two - SSC Challenge Map Pack - $4.99? - $9.99?
-Call of Duty 4 map pack 1 - $9.99
-Eye of Judgement - Set 2 - $14.99?
-Guitar Hero III - Def Leppard Track Pack - $5.99
-Karaoke Revolutions - New Songs - $1.49 each

Rock Band tracks:
Mötley Crüe - "Saints of Los Angeles" (master) - $1.99

Judas Priest - Screaming for Vengeance LP (masters) - $14.99 for all or $1.99 each
"The Hellion/Electric Eye"
"Riding on the Wind"
"(Take These) Chains"
"Pain and Pleasure"
"Screaming for Vengeance"
"You've Got Another Thing Comin'"
"Devil's Child"

-Army of Two - "SSC Challenge"
-Burnout: Paradise - "BTS - Fast Car music video"
-Burnout: Paradise - "Interview w/ Wyclef Jean, pt. 1"
-Burnout: Paradise - "Interview w/ Wyclef Jean, pt. 2"
-FIFA 08 - "Features"
-Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - "Techno"
-Iron Man
-PlayStation @ Coachella
-Prototype - "Discover Evolution"
-Resistance 2 - "Debut Teaser"


Thanks to GCO Gamer for the alternate link, and Kotaku for the update. It appears more items have gone up on the store than previously listed. Here are the ones I missed, and hopefully all of them.

Games and Demos

Loco Roco for PSP ($21.99)
Kingdom of Paradise for PSP ($10.99)
Echochrome demo (for both PS3/PSP)

Movie and Television Trailers

88 Minutes trailer
The Water Horse trailer

Wallpapers and Themes

The Eye of Judgment theme
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue wallpapers (x4)

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legendkilla3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

lots of stuff to download this week!

any one know what the file size for the COD 4 map pack?
thanks :)

Genesis53556d ago

357 mb for the COD map. Holy macaronni that's a pretty big up date this week.

Sev3556d ago

Why was this approved? Its a duplicate. I posted this 2 days ago. Oh thats right everyone called me a liar even though I nailed it.

Maybe next time you guys will believe me when I break the news of the update days in advance.

NeoBasch3556d ago

Yeah, about that... Thanks Sev1512. Way to be on top of things. I saw the update and am very grateful, but like you said that was two days ago. Other items were added as well to your previously now confirmed list. I thought since normally people wonder what goes up on the store the day of, it would be nice to repost the information so it could get more noticed. Don't you agree? Thanks, again. Please don't take it hard. :)

Masta_fro3556d ago

i saw 88 minutes like 6 months ago, am i the only one?

Steve Urkel3555d ago

Actually Sev1512,
I called the update back in the 90's... I just used my time machine to go to April 24th 2008.

I guess you weren't first... Eddie, and Waldo were my witnesses.

Did I do that?

+ Show (5) more repliesLast reply 3555d ago
Violater3556d ago

for the ironman ps3 vs 360

rexor07173556d ago

Dont worry, is sucks in both systems.

TheWickedOne3556d ago

-Army of Two - SSC Challenge Map Pack - $4.99? - $9.99?

*****************-Call of Duty 4 map pack 1 - $9.99*******************

-Eye of Judgement - Set 2 - $14.99?
-Guitar Hero III - Def Leppard Track Pack - $5.99
-Karaoke Revolutions - New Songs - $1.49 each

King20083556d ago

about the COD4 maps because all my availiable free time will be with MGS4 beta then GTA4 so when will I have time for this? I want to get it but i'm thinking that I wouldnt even use it if I bought it...decisions decisions.

ChrisGTR13556d ago

dude wtf. im at the store right now and theres no echochrome!

THE_JUDGE3556d ago

the store generally doesn't update until around 6 EST. Where the hell have you been?

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