Microsoft Promises Core First-Party Games Coming to PC

In some ways, Microsoft is playing catch-up to Sony. In recent years, Cross-Play games have propagated content across PlayStation 3, Vita, and, now, PS4. But "One Microsoft" isn't willing to sit by and squander the incredible audience of Windows. For PC gamers, Microsoft's newfound commitment to PC games certainly is exciting.

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NatureOfLogic1592d ago

So I'm guessing PS4/PC best combo?

Snookies121592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

You'd probably get the most out of your money with a setup like that. Though I do want an X1 at some point as well. I'd also love to pick up a Wii U when some of the bigger Nintendo games start coming out for it. :]

LonChaneyTV1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Not at all keeping my hopes up for forza, halo, Ryse, Rare studios or any major hit success console exclusive to come to PC. I do see Microsoft well establishing an ecosystem with it. (like project spark and titanfall)

I liked the Xbox 360/PC combo i had for almost a decade, being able to share controllers between the two platforms was helpful.

I'm interested in PC/XB1 since i know Microsoft's contracts will weed out the selections they chose to bring over.

mewhy321592d ago

already have PS4 on preorder and a mid gaming rig. I'm set.

nukeitall1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

I'm going Xbox One for the multiplayer that has dedicated servers. I don't have a massive gaming rig, nor do I plan to have one so will settle with light gaming on my Surface Pro. My desktop can run Starcraft 2 and that is the only PC game I really care about, other than maybe C&C and some of the other Blizzard IPs.

I might upgrade to a Surface Pro 3 next year though.

Kleptic1592d ago

^serious request...can you please show a title that is available on Xbox one, ps4, and PC...that only has dedicated servers on xbox one?

guitarded771592d ago

If they were to bring over all XBOX exclusives to PC, that would seriously damage XBOX as a brand. They'd have to release the XBOX versions way ahead of the PC versions to avoid a fiasco.

FamilyGuy1592d ago

PS4 is getting a lot of the PC games, just not the MS ones (obviously) so I'm good with the PS4-WiiU combo. Nintendo games are exclusive that can't be found anywhere else so it's a no-brainer.

badz1491592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

what is the logic behind this move, marketing wise? the Xbone is NOT getting the positive news or PR at this point and suddenly they are promising core games to come to PC too? don't they wanna sell the console??

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Convas1592d ago

But you'd be supporting Microsoft if you're buying their 1st party games on PC.

I thought that such actions were morally reprehensible? D:

TopDudeMan1592d ago

Morality is relative. Good games are universal.

rambi801592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

no, paying for kinect without any proof that it improves the games i like is morally reprehensible.

Got no problems with the games. RROD past and compulsory kinect makes me stay away from ms hardware...for now

adorie1592d ago

I'd get Dead Rising 3 and Ryse if they came to PC. I was going to buy an Xbox One,but now I went from waiting a bit, to on the fence.

I won't rule it out, though.

Blackdeath_6631592d ago

if they are using games for windows live easily the worst fucking service on PC then the games wouldn't be worth buying i think they have terminated that service or planning to do so anyways. if the games are sold via steam or origin (as i assume titanfall will) then no MS don't get anything from you directly and don't tell me "well its their OS".

Kleptic1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

EDIT: oops...i didn't notice the part about MS publishing said game...

yeah, if you buy a PC game published by very much are 'supporting MS'...

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SlapHappyJesus1592d ago

That's what I am looking at in time. Just waiting for a solid list of exclusives for PS4.

Autodidactdystopia1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Yay that means I can finally play halo 3.

If they ever release it haha.

I quit playing at halo 2 with vista and dx10.

edit: ahh nope, they are just letting things be on pc too instead of jewing them only on the xbox.

Still maybe I can play halo 5 then ;)

FlyingFoxy1592d ago

If anything, Wii U and PC.. free online for both, plus if you get sick of the realistic games that's where the Wii U is fun, colourful instead of the many dull colours you get in the realistic ones.

PC will get nearly all the multiplats of both XboxOne and PS4, and run better.

Etseix1591d ago

I respect your opinion, tou i really recommend getting a PS4, unless of course you are not interested on SONY's exclusives, but then again, PS3's exclusives are some of the best games a hardcore gamer can have.

I'm planning on getting a Wii U once it gets more games, i'm not interested on most Nintendo's franchises, but whatever suits you up it's cool :)

AnotherProGamer1592d ago

I'm going for a WiiU/PS4/PC/3DS/Vita combo

Belking1592d ago

Either way it's still MS windows. The best combo will be pc and xbox since dx11 will be used on titles from both.

urwifeminder1592d ago

People underestimate DX11.

Spinal1592d ago

That's what I'll have in the end. My PC and a PS4 but I'll wait for the ps to have a larger library of exclusives. Right now is not the time to own one yet.

Welcome2Die1592d ago

If Halo alone comes to PC, the Xbone is rendered useless as a core gamer.
Thats why there hasn't been a Halo game on PC since 2(?)

Imagine having a PS3 with all the games its got and then a PC with Halo,Gears,Forza. Thats pretty much all you're ever gonna need as a core gamer.

nypifisel1591d ago

There's absolutely no reason at all to by an Xbox One then.

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_QQ_1592d ago

Nice i'm glad Titan fall comes to pc.

lets_go_gunners1592d ago

Really nice. Exclusivity is just awful.

Enemy1592d ago

What's the point in competition if all consoles have the same games?

CGI-Quality1592d ago

You couldn't have said this enough, brotha. Multiplatting everything is the most ridiculous notion gamers have EVER come up with!

Psychotica1591d ago

You mean like all DVD players all playing the same movies?

hellvaguy1591d ago

Steam recently they wont be doing any exclusive games, even with thier new OS and pc. They said it goes against thier business philosophy. They seem to be doing ok.

Erdrick1591d ago

true competition can only happen on an even playing field - we want the games to compete for our money, not the hardware it runs on.

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SlapHappyJesus1592d ago

It creates competition.
Competition is anything but awful, as far as this industry goes.

lets_go_gunners1592d ago

Killzone vs Halo has always been the most poisonous of comments. It doesn't encourage people to buy a xbox to play halo it just makes them say "Oh I have killzone and I never played halo so halo sucks" and vice versa. It alienates more so than anything. Sure there should be a killer app but the more people playing a game the better.

edqe1592d ago

It's worth to remember that Titanfall and others are going to be exclusive for Windows on PC side so no Titanfall for Linux or OSX.

superbhoy1592d ago

no,timed exclusivity is awful

The_Sneauxman1592d ago

Uh-Oh! Microsoft started promising things again

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curtis921592d ago

My God what's the with Xbox One articles flooding N4G the past hour?

thrust1592d ago

Nothin else to talk about? Hahaha

bomboclaat_gamer1592d ago

xbox one is more popular than the ps4

even ps4 die hard fans cant stop thinking about it

Drummerdude411592d ago

What is this xbox one you speak of!? Is it something like the ps4?

wild101gab1592d ago

Why does it matter? Half the crap that gets posted on this site is not news material, which is strange because I thought this site is called News4Gamers. While competition between the companies that make the consoles is important, the negative polarity on this site is a perfect example of what is wrong with the gaming community. Go ahead and click disagree, you will only be further proving my point.

SirBradders1592d ago

Rephrase 'wrong with the gaming community' to 'wrong with the human race'

There is no hope.

XboxFun1592d ago

It'll be cool to play these titles across the platforms.