Pennyarcade- A buffet of cars, experiences, and players: Hands-on with Forza 5

PA:I'm not sure how much of this newfangled player-driven AI or the constant, low-pressure offering of interesting content would be possible on current-generation systems, but the visuals definitely betray the game's budget. The whole thing straddled the line between behaving like a luxury experience while also making the player feel welcome and at ease. That's the secret of the Forza series; it's so damned inviting and enjoyable.

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christocolus1866d ago

forza 5 is awesoooome.......sweeet.

Viking_Socrates1866d ago

This is going to be a really solid Forza game and according to the comments of the article

"best car porn yet"

mcstorm1866d ago

I really can't wait to get my hands on this game looks amazing and looking forward to some fun mp races on this game.