Forza Motorsport 5 has fewer cars and tracks than Forza 4

Forza Motorsport 5 is set to feature only 14 tracks and just over 200 cars - almost halving the 26 circuits and 500 cars offered by its predecessor.

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zeal0us1838d ago

DLC is like a double-edge sword.

pedrof931838d ago

When the DLC is announced even before the release of the game can be quiet annoying.

ZodTheRipper1838d ago

I generally don't mind DLC but they are releasing a purchaseable car pack on release day (!) while offering only so few cars ...and I thought developers learned last gen how to do DLC right.

darthv721838d ago

man i swear this gen the games will be like the sat/cable providers.

Meaning that what you get with one service plan may contain things you dont use and the things you do want to use you have to buy a more expensive service plan to get.

ThunderSpark1838d ago

And the news for the XBox One just keeps getting better and better. $400 is looking like the better investment with each day.

insomnium21838d ago

Oh dear.... Things are NOT looking up at the x-camp.

abzdine1838d ago

how about night/day cycle and climate? are they in it?

dumahim1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Announcing paid DLC before launch is bad. Having paid DLC on launch day is worse. Announcing launch day DLC before even announcing the rest of the on-disc content, unacceptable.

Oh yeah, and the DLC is about twice as expensive as it was previously.

InTheLab1838d ago

It's like buying games at ikea

FamilyGuy1838d ago

Now I finally understand those "balance" comments. MS just balancing their check books.

Less than half the cars
About half the tracks
Day 1 DLC

badz1491838d ago

"as Turn 10 places an emphasis on quality over quantity for its next-gen debut."

I call BS!

the quantity goes straight to the DLC line!

this is even funnier. when asked about the decision to make the LaFerrari a paid DLC;

"We found that we ship a game that has over 200 cars, and they're all to this level of detail with huge diversity. It's been a successful program for us, having the paid DLC. Those that don't want it don't have to get it, and those that want it can buy it. The season pass allows them to buy it as a subscription."

WTF?? of course car enthusiasts and racing game fans (which consist of the majority who will buy the game a spend time on it) WANT LaFerrari! who doesn't?? you just want to milk them via DLC! seriosuly, who's stupid enough to believe this $#!t!

there you go Forza fans! a HUGE MIDDLE FINGER courtesy of Turn10! your expensive setups you used on the 360 won't work, and you'll have half the amount of cars and tracks from Forza 4! not to mention no day/night cycles, no dynamic weather and no track editor! the only things they add is 1080p, AI that will be as stupid as you are, Day 1 DLC and Season Pass!

hooray for progression! /s

sinjonezp1838d ago

You fight this by waiting and waiting for them to lower the price and offer all the dlc content at a reasonable price. I remember waiting to get mortal kombag ultimate edition with everything on it for 20 bucks. Just wait. I agree that this is bs and a slap in the face. I think turn 10 should have seen what dlc did to capcom. Its a big issue and as always, to fight back is to fight with your wallet. By not buying it at all, they will be forced to lower the price.

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mdluffy1838d ago

DLC is already on the disc, you just have to pay extra to unlock it :D

LackTrue4K1838d ago

Good thing Microsoft kinects can read barcodes faster, so no worries on this side....

parkesy781838d ago

DLC ???? Your willing to pay extra for tracks and cars when the games not finished ,half tracks and cars or forza 4 they should just call it forza 5 prologue and sell it cheaper but they wont

ZodTheRipper1838d ago

Makes you wonder how long the single player career is ...

Godmars2901838d ago

So we're talking either half or more of the game's content being DLC if its going to match or come close to what it had before?

What did Forza 4 offer in terms of DLC? And isn't a third of Forza 5 suppose to be a day one patch?

Both MS and Sony look like they're going for services, and continuing revenue, over just the potential of selling a one time product.

Tap into/exploit the spirit of community, and keep money coming in.

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2pacalypsenow1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

200 cars?!!!! thats it?

JoGam1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Its ok. People will still buy it and enjoy it. DLC is possible.

@2pac....I never said DLC is an excuse. I just said it will still sell. Me personally is not getting a X1 but the game will still sell.

JoGam1838d ago

So call it....Will Forza sell?

HammadTheBeast1838d ago

Probably. But I believe people should be aware of this, before they make their purchase.

Grap1838d ago

it's good that's mean there's no ported cars from forza 4. that mean 200 cars full of next gen beauty.

SirBradders1838d ago

Im pretty sure they reused a lot of old resources, it would be silly not to.

ZodTheRipper1838d ago

It's a racing game. I'd prefer to have 500 cars that all drive differently than 200 cars that just look awesome.

dumahim1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Dan even said it in the linked article some assets were reused if possible.

HammadTheBeast1838d ago

Not sure if that's a dig at GT5/6 or not, but when you have 1200+ cars, it's more forgiveable to re-use assets.

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Globox20121838d ago

Really? 14 tracks? Come on.

Whitefire1838d ago

The price of rushed next gen.

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