Nintendo Doesn’t Realize Its Own Fate

CCC Says: "The video game industry is a damn competitive one. Gone are the days that two designers in a room at Atari can sit together, smoke some reefer, and knock out a half-dozen titles that will go on to be classics. Microsoft and Sony are about to launch the opening shots of the next-gen console war in just a few short days. I’ve dubbed them the “Big Two,” as Nintendo has clearly fallen out of the picture. It’s crazy to think that a company that had such a huge impact on the current-gen is so completely irrelevant in the upcoming one. Where did Nintendo go wrong?"

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Neonridr1838d ago

Love them or Hate them, Nintendo does their own thing. They aren't going to be drawn into a direct competition with the other consoles. Personally I agree with that method of thinking. Do we need another carbon copy of the other two systems? I don't mind that the Wii U is a little underpowered since the games it's producing more than make up for its apparent lack of horsepower. If the Xbox 360 and PS3 showed us anything it's that games that were released within the last 6 months were still wowing us on those aging consoles. We know the Wii U can produce anything those can and then some, so the Wii U can still dazzle us with some pretty visuals and complex games. Will they be as complex and detailed as the XB1 and PS4 games, No probably not.

In a day and age where it's not uncommon to own multiple game consoles, the Wii U can easily co-exist beside either the XB1 or PS4. Will it be the best selling console this generation? Probably not. But then again, it doesn't need to be now does it?

iamnsuperman1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

"They aren't going to be drawn into a direct competition with the other consoles. Personally I agree with that method of thinking. Do we need another carbon copy of the other two systems"

At the end of the day, for what ever reason, their new system isn't selling well at all. It is fine and dandy for us to say let Nintendo do its own thing but they seriously need to compete in the home console space. They are only a gaming company (no other division, except for the handheld decision which is their only other division, they can rely on). It doesn't need to be a "Carbon copy" but it still needs to compete. Their isn't enough economic wiggle room for them to do their own thing. It is time to swallow some pride and start anticipating the market and where it is going before it goes there. They did very well with the Wii but for years they have been reacting to late to what people really want.

There is only two options they can do. Compete with Sony and Microsoft or start selling consoles ridiculously cheap and become the other system people get along with a Sony or Microsoft console. At the moment they are doing neither of those things

DarthZoolu1838d ago

Gamers are not beggers we are consumers with money! The fact is 3rd party games will be better on xbo and ps because of their capabilities. Hardware is not all that matters but its a really big deal when it comes to computer or gaming anything. I think they should be focused on games not apps. They need to make their next game complete! Online, good visuals, good AI, I just want to play a real 2014 Zelda that competes with Skyrim. I know Nintendo doesn't want to compete with anyone but for my money I want a company to work for it. I am the consumer and if you are not willing to work (or compete) for my money you want get it. Sony and MS are ready to kill each other for my money and attention and I love it. Gamers have to make Nintendo give us what we want buy not buying the crap.

truechainz1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )


"Sony and MS are ready to kill each other for my money and attention and I love it."

No, no they are not. That is what people don't get. This console war is incredibly overhyped. Sony and MS are watching each other closely and trying to be competitive, but at the end of the day they assume they both will continue to exist and gamers will pick what they want based on choice. They want to beat their competitor, but this notion that they are fighting that hard for your money is incredibly narcissistic and borderline psychotic. If gamers didn't have this mentality then I'm sure the industry would be much more respected as consumers leave the competing to the companies and not themselves.

Concertoine1838d ago

People act like these companies care about the petty console race... they just want to make their money back, and then some. That's why they consider the last place Gamecube successful, they made money off it.
I doubt microsoft considers the 360 a failure because it was behind the ps3 and wii, because they made money and exposed people to the brand.

DarthZoolu1838d ago

Nintendo only cares about easy money. Lets make cheap easy games for casuals. Wind Waker HD? Whats up with remakes? I can still find the old WindWaker for like $8 and a gamecude or wii for like $30. Why would I pay $300 for a WiiU and $30+ for games that are already out and cheaper? When Ms or Sony remake stuff in HD they practicality give it away (5 games for like $20). Plus all nintendo games are linear and have zero replay value IMO. The only game they should remake is SSB Melee ONLINE! I am fine with the kid games, but Metriod and Zelda need to be games made for (in Nintendo's own words) "skilled players". Competition makes everything better. Nintendos constant claims of not competing with MS and Sony show that they don't care about getting better or making Record shattering software. Nintendo has no ambition they are stale and complacent with their hardware and software. I don't like Nintendo right now and its not because of some kind of crazy loyalty wars. I have loyalty only for my want to be entertained by the best games. I dislike Nintendo because they don't make anything for the type of gamer I am. SSB MELEE is the most balanced and complex fighting games ever (if you really really know how to play Melee you know what I mean) and they failed with Brawl IMO. It went from hardcore and amazing to casual and wack. I don't want Nintendo to die or fail I want them to make games for me a core or hardcore gamer.

Neonridr1838d ago

The Metroid series as a whole is not for kids at all. The Prime Trilogy would be way above a 7 year old kid.

What's with the remakes? Nintendo is guilty of how many HD remakes in their time? 1 for the Wii U (Wind Waker) and a couple for the 3DS (Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64). At least Nintendo puts a little effort in their HD remakes, they don't just upcovert the resolution and send out the same product. Wind Waker HD has brand new assets, re-recorded sound effects, gamepad integration, miiverse integration. If you can get it on the Gamecube then good for you, but you'd be surprised how much the game actually goes for on ebay. Record shattering software??? Did you seriously just say that? Do you know how many millions Mario Kart on the Wii sold? Over 30 million. Can you name one Sony or MS game that sold even close to that? New Super Mario Bros on the Wii sold over 25 million as well.

A Hardcore gamer by defintion is one who plays as many games as they can, not one who plays what they think are mature games in their minds. A Hardcore gamer would own multiple consoles and play a varying degree of games out there. They would experience everything the world has to offer when it comes to gaming. When did society adopt the notion that hardcore gamers are only adult-oriented gamers?

tanis_halfelven1838d ago

i will own the wiiu over the xbox1.

and i will pray a legend of zelda that can compete with the epicness of ocarina of time ot link to the past will come out.

bonus points: a solid metroid game

graphics are only one part of the equation. nintendo generally puts out some pretty fun games

DarthZoolu1838d ago

That's part of my point I do want a New Zelda that can compete Ocarina of Time, I want a Zelda game better than all the old ones! I bet you Bethesda didn't make Skyrim to compete with Oblivion or MW. Nintendo needs to compete, if the Next Mario is as good as Super Mario World it will be good, but wow in 16+ years you still at the same level?

truechainz1838d ago

Incredibly well said. It's thoughts like these that give me hope that gamers can become an open-minded and sound thinking consumer base someday.

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Concertoine1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

There is no particular "fate" in sight, good or bad. Before people bring up the 3ds, im talking purely home consoles.
Simply put, the company has been in this position before and they've always come back, so i'm reluctant to assume anything about the company's future.

Theyellowflash301838d ago

Lets all just ignore the big sales bump the Wii U got in the NPD, and lets ignore the fact the 3DS is the best selling dedicated gaming device in the world....

Lets just ignore that for two consoles that aren't even out yet, that have sold zero units. Where one is priced a $500

Which in the history of gaming, NO console has ever launched at $500 and has been super successful right out the gate.

These stupid articles are just geared to pander to Sony and MS fans.

JackieCruise691838d ago

Whooo, more doom and gloom.

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