Can The PC Survive the Next-Gen?

CCC Says: "I like PC gaming. Now, I know this might be an unpopular opinion to some, as I’ve already touched on how the gaming community almost always breaks down into one of two camps: console or PC. Of course, there are those who dabble in both. (I should know because I am one.) Lately, I’ve been more a console guy just because I’ve not been able to keep up with the ever-rising need for high-end hardware (an issue that I know many PC gaming enthusiasts can relate to). However, there looms a bigger problem on the horizon for the future of PC gaming. One that transcends expensive video cards and the need for 15 sticks of RAM."

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fluffydelusions1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

You realize PC gaming has been growing faster than ever before and faster than consoles now? The PC platform was the best selling in terms of software in UK last month. PC's will also have a great advantage next gen. See at the beginning of last/current gen you needed a high end PC to match consoles. This gen lasted all to long. Now even a mid level PC bests next gen consoles by a considerable margin and for fairly cheap. Just wait a year or two and the difference will be even more apparent. These PC doomed articles are getting old. I love consoles and feel PC + PS is always the best option. Also, LoL tournament rented out the Staples center ffs...the Staples center! PC gaming is serious business. Oculus Rift will also be huge!

Orpheus1836d ago

"Survive" ???? Looks like someone trying to calm himself given this next gen is lagging way behind the high end PCs from the start.

piffyd1836d ago



get real

pc destroyed ps3 and xbox360 combined last gen
from article;

"Among the key findings: Annual shipment volumes for the PC Gaming hardware market in 2009 were over two times larger than the combined Wii™, PlayStation® 2, PlayStation® 3 and Xbox 360® console units shipped in the same period. This trend for the PC Gaming hardware market to outpace all console shipments combined is expected to continue through the forecasted period of the research. In addition, revenues from consumer PCs capable of gaming that shipped with a discrete GPU (excludes Netbooks and integrated graphics-based PCs) totaled approximately $54.6 billion in 2009 and are forecasted to grow to $61.3 billion by 2014. These revenue figures are based on an estimated 61.5 million PCs (Desktop and Laptops) shipped in 2009 that can largely be associated with PC gaming as a key usage scenario."


ThatEnglishDude1836d ago

In a word: Yes
In several words: Of course it will. What a stupid article.

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