Call Of Duty Ghosts PS4 Multiplayer Maps Octane & Whiteout Gameplay

The next generation of Call of Duty Ghosts has arrived on PlayStation 4. Check out multiplayer maps gameplay for Octane and Whiteout.

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Ares84HU1838d ago

I can't tell if this is next-gen or current-gen.

Are they sure that this is PS4 footage??

Maxor1838d ago

The texture resolution is higher and I'm not seeing any frame rate issues that people are talking about.

bjmartynhak1838d ago

It must be, or the MP gets massively gimped in comparison to the SP.

Just check this PS4 walkthrough. The uploader also put it in 1080p

Shake_Zula1838d ago

Well, the MP "saving" happens server-side. The Campaign has stuttering, but only around checkpoints, so it's likely just a saving issue either stemming directly from the engine or perhaps provoked by hard drive access. Since the stuttering is reported on the X1 as well, it's probably just the engine not doing something right or a misprioritized process.

KimoNoir1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

If you're trying to spot a significant differences other than the increased resolution, you won't until you play it yourself. All video streaming services destroy the purity of videos on top of compressing the resolution and frame rate.

Unreal011838d ago

The fact that you can't tell much difference from this video means that if there is any difference between current and next gen it's going to be so minimal. I'm so disappointed with the look of the "next-gen" game, definitely going to give Battlefield and Killzone a go instead.

KimoNoir1838d ago

Believe me, i play all cods on pc @ max graphics w/ 1920x1080 (1080p) /90fps (more than enough power really...)

You wont believe me but, you will see a sharp contrast between current gen cods to 1080p COD (PC/PS4). I understand that you probably have never gotten to play these games in true 1920x1080 resolution because no games exist for current gen consoles. Point being, when next gen comes, you will notice a significant difference that may put you in a position to decide whether or not you want a 1080p /60fps game at the expense of graphical effects or increases graphical effects with a lower resolution or framerate.

MethCupcakes1838d ago


DialgaMarine1838d ago

Infinity Ward says this is next gen graphics. Meanwhile in Killzone: Shadow Fall...