Call Of Duty Ghosts PS4 Multiplayer Map Warhawk Gameplay

Check out Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer map Warhawk on PlayStation 4 in this gameplay video.

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bomboclaat_gamer1837d ago

true next gen experience lol

aceitman1837d ago

the only good thing is its an upgrade from ps3.

Omegasyde1837d ago

On this map can you fly Warhawks and do barrel rolls?

redknight801837d ago

haha, that is the same thing that went through my was that a fun game to play in its day :)

Drabent1837d ago

Wow thats new..........

Sanquine901837d ago

I'm more intrested in how much of a difference the controls are : Dualshock 3 vs Dualshock 4

RedDeadLB1837d ago

Let me just copy/paste what I wrote as a comment on the video itself.

So let's recap IW's CoD games since MW1. So: MW1, MW1.5, MW1.6, MW1.7 and I guess the next one either never comes because gamers suddenly developed brains and stopped funding this shit or it's going to be MW1.8. All things considered, I respect Treyarch more than IW when it comes to Call of Duty. At least their games differ from one another to some extent. The same studio that started CoD will be the death of it. And to think I once adored what CoD is.. SMH.

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