Learn About Ryse: Son of Rome’s Brutal Combat With new Five Minute Long Gameplay Trailer

Microsoft just released a new trailer of Ryse: Son of Rome, featuring a detailed overview of the brutal combat system of the game and showing several different levels.

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StifflerK1838d ago

Amazing , just two weeks left till launch.... can't wait!!!

mewhy321838d ago

well there's no denying that this is a really great looking game.

Studio-YaMi1838d ago

It does look pretty good,graphics are top notch,wish the gameplay wasn't so bland though.

JokesOnYou1838d ago

Say what you want but that was all gameplay, I have some reservation with the early previews but the combat looks great in this vid....yeah Im just going to have to play this game for myself.

GarrusVakarian1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

The slow mo executions look awesome and the facial animations are really realistic.

Damn, that was a clean cut at 1:27, Marius would make a good butcher, lol. Haha, and at 3:37 too.

tuglu_pati1838d ago

Graphics look impressive. Not quite sure about the gameplay though

kiz26941838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

You clearly pay no attention to previews and the blatantly obvious, Ryse has been murdered on here today with a load of terrible previews mostly say its looks pretty, gameplay is boring as hell!

to the people who disagree:

Stop loving the graphics and love the gameplay crytek!

dansdooz1838d ago

you know what dude, this is one game i think im gonna have to make my own mind up on...

kiz26941838d ago

Okay, have fun burning money! sometimes I agree that games should be judged for your self, but this much of professional journalistic hate, must be saying something

fossilfern1838d ago

I think the combat engine looks fantastic and that comment about the countering taking you out of a combat animation is music to my ears. The reason I didn't like GoW is the combat system it felt clunky and when you attacked you locked into it until it was finished.

Also I have played games that have been given 9s/10s, games that have previewed well and games that gamers love but when I play it I think it's okay or bad! Bioshock infitie I'd a good example, it got nothing but praise but when I played it I thought it was awful, Ken lavines worst work if you ask me.

AngelicIceDiamond1838d ago

At the very beginning of the vid I thought "Oh the usual CGI" then I was like oh yeah that's right this is next gen I'm looking at here.

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MasterCornholio1838d ago

Ah hidden QTEs where you have to analyze the enemy´s movements in order to perform a legendary attack. Much better than just following a bunch of button prompts on the screen.

solidsheep1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Huh analyze what? they glow blue you hit X they glow yellow you hit Y. Not really hidden.

MasterCornholio1838d ago

Oops I didn't notice that.

Motorola RAZR i

stavrami1838d ago

if i was an xbot this would be day 1 for me . great looking game

klass1838d ago

Looks pretty damn good to me.

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