Dead Rising 3 Xbox One Gameplay Walkthrough

Rev:Dead Rising 3 is one of the Xbox One's big launch titles, but it drew some skepticism from fans at E3 due to the game's apparent tonal shift. Adam Sessler recently got a chance to sit down with Capcom's Josh Bridge and check out a live gameplay playthrough of a near-final build to see how much as changed, and if the series' soul is still intact.

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JackISbacK1838d ago

wether its on 720p but no body can deny that it is the best launch title on any console ,this game makes me feels like graphics does not matter that much until you see some things that amaze you,yeah i'am realy on borderline of which console to bering home but for me this is best launch title.

bleedsoe9mm1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

looks fun as hell . sounds like devs have found some cool ways to use kinect

Valkyre1838d ago

Really? Now you state your personnal opinion as a fact? Like its some universal truth that can in no way be disputed?

"nobody can deny that it is the best launch title"

Well... 'xcuse me dear sir... but I CAN deny.

If you consider pew pewing countless amount of rag dolls and driving through a pile of goo and blood "fun as hell" with almost last gen material and a story that screams bullshit from a mile, then yeah...

i can pretty much easily deny that it is the best launch title ...


JackISbacK1837d ago

yeah some sort of you are right but oon present you can see that there is not any exclusive launch title which can give much fun like this just play it by yoour self man does it realy looks to you that killzone is gona beeter or best game on any console ,no kz is having amazing next gen graphics ryse too have but when it comes to story and gameplay i dontthink any of them is gona be fun like it,yeah it will be a silly but comedic story ,not like silly and time wasting and no fun kz stories ,did you know why pat kz's were tollereated ,because they were having most timewasting stories and was having very lame campaign with wery weak level design atleasst with this game you can laugh,have amazing gameplay ,kill 100ds of zombies ,customise ,discover may things,yeah these all things are not in kz sf,when i played mp was very simple and uninspired ,sp was having very lame level design, it tried to be like farcry 3 ,but was fail,there were no destructable environments and yeah gameplay was not also fast pased ,it was having some stealth but it was looking like gorrila does not know how to make stealth games ,only they know to make next gen graphics and lead it realy torters me that every ps4 is buieng this ultra bad title,and yeah i never counted games like ac ,bf and cod ,here i was talking about exclusive title and to me it looks best launch exclusive title and yeah ac ac,bf and cod ghost are far better games than this game but this game looks most fun exclusive whether on xbox one or ps4.

Wizziokid1838d ago

"but no body can deny that it is the best launch title on any console"

In your opinion.

mhunterjr1838d ago

Lol, I think this game looks great, but I think Forza and Killzone will be seen by many as better launch titles.

ruefrak1838d ago

Fine, I'll be the guy. I deny it. I don't want to kill zombies. Flower on the PS4 is more stunning than this game.
First we had vampires and everyone was obsessed with them.
Now we have zombies. Can we please just move on to mummies now? Is that too much to ask?

mistertwoturbo1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

I have enjoyed Dead Rising on the 360 and Dead Rising 2 on the PC. It's a fun silly title that's for sure. But saying it's the best launch title on any console is a bit of a stretch. I really really really really really hope this comes to the PC though.

donman11838d ago

Damn... this game looks too repetitive and boring. Yet another 720P game. Hmmm.

Sevir1837d ago

It looks Meh! But then again, DR1 and DR2 were meh to me and I totally ignored those games

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1838d ago
iceman13461838d ago

looks like xbox 360 game

tigertom531838d ago

no way in hell this would run on the xbox 360 lol...

tigertom531838d ago

The First 25 Minutes of Dead Rising 3

this is much better to see the campaign mode and how great this game really is

KyoSiegfried861838d ago

It's not bad. But without Inafune, something could have been lost.

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