Major Nelson demonstrates how fast redeeming a code is on Xbox One

On twitter, Major Nelson posted a vine demonstrating how fast and easy it is to redeem a code on the Xbox One

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Kayant1784d ago

Damn that's quick... Nice feature :)

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DeadRabbits1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Wow M$ found an even quicker way to empty your wallet!

Deividas1784d ago

+Bubble for you sir :D

True_Samurai1784d ago

Can't even get mad at that lol

AlexanderNevermind1784d ago impressive. Sony...are you seeing this? Make it happen.

gaffyh1784d ago

It is a good idea though business wise, they need to make it as easy as possible for you to buy something. MS has always been good with this, Sony is catching up now.

Also, finally a useful function for a QR code.

mewhy321784d ago

ummmmmmmm this raises the resolution of games to match the PS4 how?????????

FamilyGuy1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

I came in here thinking "Who gives a f..., how fast could it be anyway?"

Saw the gif and was like "Holy sh..! I never even thought of that"

That's a pretty good use for the kinect, reminds me of the first time I saw Iphones read bar codes and compare store prices.

You get a cool point today MS, but don't let it go to your head. Even though it's a small thing, they should've been showing features like this one sooner as they could've given inspiration to making new features.

They should make it able to read and input credit card info too so you don't have to type it all in if you want to attach one. 16 digits, name, exp, and back code are a much bigger pain.
Considering the size of that code it probably won't happen for credit cards though, the thing is as big as his fist, but like I said, inspiration.

ShinMaster1784d ago

I hope this is worth $100 and the 10% hit on performance...

NikonSteve1784d ago

Im assuming to get a refund is equally as quick?

badz1491784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )


NOT a chance LOL!

on a serious note, why is he now demoing this? shouldn't he be answering for this quote of his?

"We have some of smartest programmers in the world working on Xbox One," Hryb said. "I am very much looking forward to the next few months (and beyond) as the truth comes out."

the truth is out but all he do now is showing how quick the Xbone can grab your money!

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Blackdeath_6631784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

admittedly that is indeed quite useful adding, easier than punching in 12 digit codes having said that i'm sure someone somehwere is already thinking about how to abuse that feature

DoomeDx1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Thats not quicker at all :/

- Get the phone out of your pocket

- Unlock the phone

- Open the QR Scanner application

- Scan the code.

- Wait for it to finish scanning..

- Done!

Blacktric1784d ago



fossilfern1784d ago

Is it just me or is there nothing on the PS4 apart from KZ:SF and counting pixels ? /s

BOLO1784d ago

If the Kinect has MRI scans for brain damage...Be sure to use that feature okay.

bornsinner1784d ago

hahahahaha no there are plenty of people who agree with you

Muffins12231784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Yea the xbox one actually looks like a good console.Has some strong launch titles.Sure you can say ps4 is better at gaming,that's what im getting, but overall Microsoft seems to always have a better interface and just seems more connected and easir to watch and use movies or tv shows or anything other than games better than sony's getting a ps4 for gaming because im a gamer but i see myself getting a xbox one and using it more than the ps4 for other things than gaming....not saying the ps4 can do this things im just saying that Microsoft dose those things better.

nukeitall1784d ago

sh!t, that's f'in awesome. I can do that while Skyping too!

Mosiac771784d ago

And this is just the beginning. I can't wait to see what developers can do with the kinect 2 now that is included in ever XB1. I'm sure the extra $100 buying the XB1 will be well spent.

JackISbacK1784d ago

yeah this is quick but now i'am felling trhat xbox is going in a wrong direction ,because for console first priority is that atleast they must get for what they are paying at least on multiplats ,yeah i know features on box one is going to e damn good ,but ps4 guys are getting better p[erformance on games and iggest thing is they are paying much less than us ,thts realy dissapointing, yeah resolution and fps realy matters very much ,before creating this conole thier first aim must be to get same graphics as other consoles are getting and then their all good features ,yeah their feature are going to be so good that 100$ will not be a big deal,but so much lacking in graphics is the most biggest factor not to buy this console ,i'am not afan boy but xbox 360 realy inspired me lat gen but this time every thing is changing now i will wait for good news and will buy my next gen console later ,i was realy hoping multiplats are gona be same but now they looks realy backward.

3-4-51784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

First good thing I've seen work exactly as it should and even better really. They needed some good new like this.

Retroman1784d ago

is it tooooooo late for MS to redeem themselves????

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snake_eater1784d ago

Remember kids you can do that move with your parents credit card as well.

cell9891784d ago

Nice feature, but we've been able to use IR codes on our cellphones for a long time, yes very handy, but not innovative. Some good use of the Kinect

theWB271784d ago

The first telephone call was made on March 10th, 1876
Fast forward 137 years to November 6, 2013 and we STILL have phone companies selling us on how good their call qaulity is. It's a major selling point too because you want things to be as good as it can be.

Innovation means: the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods

I firmly believe pessimists mistake innovative with inventions. Something this small hasn't been done on consoles...thus it's innovative.

cell9891784d ago

good point, I will agree with you on this one

Sitdown1784d ago

You good sir deserve a bubble!

FamilyGuy1784d ago

Wow, did you rip that off of something?
It seems too... articulate.

I'll give you a well said bubble either way because it gets the point across perfectly.

theWB271784d ago

I write scripts in my free I can be articulate when needed. : )

JackISbacK1784d ago

yeah xbox guys are more inovative than ps4 guys but thier backwardness in gaming is not gona tolerate for long after that every big inovation is gona flop because already xbox one is expensive and we are getting less than ps4 guys and also they are paying less for better experience ,yeah inovating is good but at least you must be sure that you kept every thing perfect at least par with your competitors.

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