Destructoid- Ryse: Son of Rome: A time of great unrest

DT:Ryse needs more time in the oven, I think. It's probably a worthwhile play to enjoy the production quality Crytek pumped into it if nothing else (again, it's gorgeous), and it would be a fun co-op romp with a buddy. But it's also a mess, and your $60 might be better spent on another launch game.

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Xsilver1836d ago

Well damn Ryse is getting murdered today.

badboy7761836d ago

Crytek guys we all knew this coming. This was just eye canday nothing more.

ThunderSpark1836d ago

It just seems like a lot of Xbox one launch titles are being rushed out. Doesn't make any sense. This is exactly why I'm getting a PS4 first. Exclusives and Multiplats just seem to work better.

Kingthrash3601836d ago

agreed i was saddened by the drive club delay but after the new screens and vids im glad they did.
goes to show sony isnt trying to rush out bad games. i say ms should delay the x1 and do what they gotta to complete the this point you can tell it was rushed.

MasterCornholio1836d ago

Well you know its Crytek.

Graphics > Gameplay

pyramidshead1836d ago

Seems to be a pattern forming here with these reviews lol.

Most people called it while it was in development though. Gorgeous visuals, sub-par gameplay.

MasterCornholio1836d ago

I remember the hype that Crysis 3 got for the graphics and when I tried it out (via playstation plus) I found the game to be a real stinker. I kind of suspected that some Ryses past as a kinect title would affect the final product.

Nexus 7 2013


gotta get something for the xbox besides forza...I'm gettin everything else on the ps4.

Loki861836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Ryse has been getting glowing reviews from people that matters, this review sounds like an unskilled gamer that got his ass whipped by the game.

FFS, bring back Jim Stirling..

Lannister1836d ago

And wad'ya reckon you sound like bub ?

mdluffy1836d ago

Nope, more previews are saying the gameplay is very bad and boring.

obliterator1836d ago ShowReplies(2)
chrissx1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Anyone suprised? This is crytek afterall. From all I've seen this game will get rly boring pretty fast and is one of those games u just can't go back to play after completing.welcome 2 next gen.

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The story is too old to be commented.