Dead Rising 3 costumes and vehicle gameplay footage

Some gameplay footage from the Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3 which shows off some of the costumes and vehicle based gameplay.

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psych966d ago

Sweet mother of awesome, you can spawn vehicles :)

Drewminati966d ago

DAMN this is what I call fun..

DanielGearSolid966d ago

Video settles it for me

Dead Rising will never be my cup of tea

siccstepsccs966d ago

Hope they fix the frame drops looks pretty laggy.

NikonSteve966d ago

720p 30fps and lower will do that.

Kakashi Hatake966d ago

The environments seem incredibly dull compared to 1 and 2. Not only is there hardly any color but the level design seems uninteresting. Feels like if you see on grey block you've seen them all. It's too open with little variety.

lets_go_gunners966d ago

In my opinion* Your not speaking for everyone.

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