Spencer Comments On Xbox One Resolution Controversy: "Its All About Right Experience"

According to Microsoft Phil Spencer, low resolution of games running on Xbox One are mutual decision of developers and Microsoft and is based on what's the best and right experience.

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Dir_en_grey1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

I just realized why Microsoft avoided calling their new system "Xbox 720".
They knew already...

darthv721866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Is it to late for these guys to stop talking about the numbers? i know its a hot topic but it will keep being a hot topic as long as they keep talking about it.

Id like for people to get off the numbers train and back on the games train. Meaning talking about the games in development and new ideas for upcoming games and release dates for games coming out.

since i dont play with numbers, that is why the games are more me anyway. i never once let specs dictate to me if a game was good or not. I let my own personal experience tell me that.

And you guys (all of you who are more fixated on the specs) are ruining the potential for that experience when the day comes for me to plug in the ps4/xb1. Even these PR monkeys arent doing any favors with all this talk.

mewhy321866d ago

This guy is sounding more like Reg from Nintendo more all the time.

ZodTheRipper1866d ago

Watched the whole interview out of curiosity and lol'd pretty hard at this part :D
Sessler definately deserves the title goofus of the year.

ZodTheRipper1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

double post

JAT23041866d ago

I want 1080p graphics with amazing game play!! That's what is expected of next-gen consoles. I'm sick o and tired of people saying well it's not all graphics its game play. BullsH!t, its both!

schubacca1866d ago

Yes, I want it all also. However, these first wave games will not give us that. Whether it is PS4 or X1, the devs are under time constraints and are learning the hardware. I look at the lives of the PS3 and the X360 and am confident that it will get better and better for us.

robotgargoyle1866d ago

I agree. I understand it's 2013. I understand people (including myself) have 1080p tvs and would like all my experiences at that resolution, but there are limitations with launch titles on New hardware. In time, the developers will be up to par. People act like 720p is standard def. 4k seems miles away from affordability, unless u want a no name brand and zero content for it. And who wants 3tb movies?

I wish satellite/cable providers would catch up to 1080p. I wish quick internet would be available in my area. Like Phil Harrison said about having the technology, it's just unevenly spread. I would like it to catch up to current standards.

Pintheshadows1866d ago

If we compare this to the Metro interview with Rubin the other day the questions Sessler asks here are so trite and sterile. He needs to take lessons from Paxman or that scary Easter Island head from CNN crossfire.

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The story is too old to be commented.